A Joyful, Fulfilled Life: Lori Beard Empowers Women to Dream and Achieve

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/10/19 8:00 AM

Since she was a teenager and even after becoming a stay at home mom, friends would seek out Lori Beard for assistance. “I enjoyed sharing my guidance due to my life’s experiences and interest in human behavior and the roots of those behaviors,” she tells us.

As the mother of eight children, Lori was ready to go back to school when her youngest child went into kindergarten. She received her Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapist certifications from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts out of her desire to guide, transform and impact lives.


Life Coaching is a sacred work because, as a practitioner, you hold space for a person that needs guidance. The person’s ability to pursue their full potential is usually hindered by limiting beliefs and old paradigms,” she explains, “I love to ask insightful questions for them to discover the strength from within. It is so gratifying to awaken their genius giant that was dormant to be their best selves and move into a life of joy and fulfillment.”

Lori has a special interest in empowering women, in both their personal and professional lives. She helps them realize the importance of their roles, their potential and capability to achieve their wildest dreams. Her aim is to help them find their own voice to speak up and move towards their goals.

She shares this story with us: “I have a client that had been going to counseling for over 20 years without significant changes in her life. When she started having sessions with me, she revived! She had no reason to live before, now she has discovered her value and worth.  We are still working together following a plan that is definitely helping find solutions for her deepest emotional traumas.  That makes me smile!”

Lori’s favorite Life Coaching exercise is the Wheel of Balance, because it breaks things down in order for the individuals to organize their priorities in life. “It brings about self-realizations and clarity,” she says, “Having them brainstorm on the white board by making lists of goals, setting boundaries, etc. is quite helpful too.”

She graces us with these final thoughts: The wisdom I have to share for someone considering to become a Life Coach is to heed to the learnings of the program.  Hold on to every piece of advice your teachers and mentors tell you.  Implement by putting into action everything they say.  Be intuitive and follow your heart. Learn basic marketing skills and have fun with it. You will change the world one life at a time!”

You can check out Lori’s book Freedom from Self-Slavery on Amazon.

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