Who are Amrit and Kamini Desai?: SWIHA’s Alignment with the Amrit Lineage

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 4/15/21 4:00 PM


Around the year of 2010 and Kamini Desai, Education Director and Core Curriculum Developer for the Amrit Yoga Institute, was living in Phoenix and doing a lot of traveling, speaking and teaching about yoga and yoga nidra. A friend of hers mentioned that there was a school called the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), and that she thought she should connect with them. Kamini sent a message to KC Miller, Owner, Founder and Chief Spiritual Officer. The Universe brought them together when the timing was right about a year later.

This was about the time that KC was starting the yoga teacher training program. Kamini helped SWIHA to attain their credentials for Yoga Alliance, and also spoke about Yoga Nidra. KC knew right away that she wanted it to be a part of their program. Here it is several years later, and Yoga Nidra is one of the most popular and powerful courses offered at SWIHA. From there, another course was added; Yoga Body Psychology. Meditation in Motion has also recently joined the list, and newly added, students can now become a Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist) at SWIHA.

A Respected Lineage

Kamini Desai is the daughter of Master Yogi Amrit Desai who was one of the first yogis to bring yoga to the West. He comes from a long lineage yoga masters, the Kripalu leanaege. Yoga philosophy had already come over and was present in the West, and Yogi Amrit Desai brought over the physical practice in the 60’s and made it more understandable and digestible for those desiring to learn more about the practice in the U.S. He is a pioneer and one of the last remaining yoga masters. He is the founder of the Kripalu Center and the Amrit Yoga Institute.

Kamini Desai is not only his daughter, but his successor as well. She and her father strive to make sure that the original teaching of yoga stays pure and is delivered in a practical way. Kamini specifically desires to ensure that the practices of yoga are backed by science which helps to connect the practice, philosophy and psychology of yoga.

SWIHA has chosen to partner with Yogi Amrit Desai and Kamini because KC recognized that they were aligned in their beliefs, and that they have a responsibility to teach, and train those on the front line. This powerful team of collaborators offers something that is different, unique and authentic to the ancient teachings of yoga and it’s lineage.

SWIHA offers what no other educational institute has, and prepares their students in ways that other colleges and universities don’t. And being able to unite with Kamini and her father, and the IAM (Integrative Amrit Method) puts SWIHA ahead of all other institutions with their unique offerings.

If you are someone still searching for a place to further your practice, education and understanding of yoga; if you know you have been called to help others heal, and aim to use the ancient modality of yoga to do so; if you are looking to stand out among your peers and offer something that is a cut above the rest, then SWIHA is calling you.

Become a Yoga Teacher

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