We Plan, and the Universe Laughs . . .

Posted by Brian McKinney on 1/30/15 6:19 AM

PLANNING1At the age of 41, Sierra Byers’ plan was to live in Los Angeles, and continue work in the music industry, with all its allure and excitement. The Universe laughed . . . the company she worked with was down-sizing, so with a grin and smile in her heart Sierra took it as a sign to make a change.

Her initial plan was to move from LA to San Francisco, attend massage therapy school and start a private practice.

Prior to her move, Sierra visited Sedona, Arizona. While meditating in the red rocks, she received a powerful message showing her she should move to Scottsdale because something different was waiting for her there. Sierra didn’t know how to take this message, and she wasn’t she wanted to move to Scottsdale. The next day she got very quiet again, in a completely different spot than the day before. Lo and behold, the Universe was winking! She received the very same message as before, yet even more powerfully! Sierra laughed, listened, and moved to Scottsdale.

As Sierra began to research massage schools she had a feeling that when she found the ‘right’ one she would just know! As she walked through the doors of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) she felt as if the Universe was welcoming her home. “From the moment I saw owner and founder, KC Miller, and heard her say ‘Welcome!’ I knew I had found my school,” remembers Sierra. “I signed up immediately and started classes the following week.”


Sierra felt like she was in the flow of things and experienced a true inner calm, even though she had not attended school for many years. From the start she bonded with her classmates and considered them her ‘tribe’. She embraced the thought that people come into our lives for a reason, even if sometimes only a season.

Almost 20 years after finishing her massage program Sierra is still in touch with many of her ‘tribe’ members, continuing to enjoy the deep friendships and bonds made while in school. She winks and giggles when she shares that many of her classmates are still working in the field of massage today, earning steady income! “I guess we are the lucky ones!”

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that SWIHA has always embraced, Sierra began practicing massage and growing her own business immediately upon graduation. She calls her business Natural Balance Massage. When asked what she offers clients, her answer is simple and straightforward – “ . . . a really good massage!”

“I give the client what they need for the time they are on my table,” she explains. “What I do could vary, however, my intention is to always keep it simple and give them a good massage in an effort to assist them to come in to a relaxed, natural balance.”

When Sierra first started practicing massage, it was a full time for her. She was able to use massage therapy as her primary source of income, and then when the Universe sent other plans her way, her massage practice became a supplementary source of income. She has always felt a strong pull to service with her hands-on skills and plans to give massages to those who cross her path for the rest of her life.

“I will probably be doing massage when I take my last breath . . . that’s how natural it is to me and how much I truly love the exchange and synergy shared with another person.”

Currently, Sierra maintains a small exclusive private practice, by referral only. She has just been referred to those coordinating the musical talent of the Super Bowl 2015 to be one of the massage therapists for celebrity guests! How exciting, yes! The real excitement is to see that life has come full circle; from working in the music field, to following the music in her soul, to now providing massage service to a musical celebrity!
Sierra is very humbled and grounded about all the opportunities she has had as a massage therapist.


"Yes, I have worked on celebrities in the past. It’s interesting, when they are face down on a massage table, you can’t tell they are a celebrity! What I love the most is that, celebrity or not, people look and feel different after the massage. I love that I had a hand in helping to create a difference!"

After practicing massage for years, Sierra looks to the heavens and is often thankful that the plans she had in mind were intercepted with a gentle nudge. “My SWIHA education gave me the career I have dreamed about . . .and, was destined to do” she ruminates, with a laugh!

When asked if she had any words of wisdom to share, without a moment of hesitation she said: “Sometimes you have to give up the plan, and go with the flow, fully knowing there is a divine plan in the works for you!”

Interested in becoming a massage therapist? Contact SWIHA’s admission department today by calling 480-994-9244 or go to BeAMassageTheapist.com

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