Underactive Thyroid, Overactive Heart: Great Graduate Serving Her Community

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 2/24/17 8:56 AM

Kelly St. Claire was looking for something more in her life prior to becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her story, her words:

I had wanted to raise the level of excellence in my life and finally break-through in my business. There were so many missing pieces that I needed to find and I was on a search. I was online in one of my discussion groups and someone mentioned SWIHA and becoming certified in different forms of coaching.  I heard it, and filed that away. I eventually ended up searching online for continuing education in the areas I was passionate about, and SWIHA was one of the first results.


I was at a point in my life where nothing was working.  Old things no longer fit the same way, and new things felt out of reach. I felt so stuck and stagnant in body and whole life, yet I do have the kind of spirit that will never give up... Most of the coaching and holistic nutrition certification programs were not in my budget at the time, however I decided to talk to admissions at SWIHA and was pleasantly surprised at how easy, accessible and smooth the process was. They also seemed invested in my success… Support… I’d been craving that kind of support. 

Ever since I can remember I've been interested in natural, holistic healing, particularly nutrition, ever since I was as a young teen. I ended up studying many modalities from herbal medicine to nutritional healing to becoming a Reiki Master. I always fantasized about making my living and fully embodying the holistic arts. I became heavily involved in herbal healing and energy medicine, taking up in depth studies of the human energy body and a well-rounded (both Western and eastern) study of herbal medicine. I learned so much! In put it all into use with myself, my family and friends

After I had my son I began feeling such a depression, swings from anger and irritability to that down feeling where I barely wanted to get out of bed. I was so overwhelmed by everything. I felt inside like the worst mother, even though in my mind now I know I was a great mom. It’s hard to see that when in the blackness of depression. I had to work a lot as I was a single mom, technically. I will say that I had a lot of support so was very lucky and I have a lot of gratitude for that.

When I became pregnant with my daughter it was 10 times worse, even happening during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy! While I was filled with joy while I was carrying my son, with her, in addition to excitement and joy, I was so down I became severely depressed. 

I turned to natural and holistic modalities to heal the depression. From acupuncture to energy medicine to herbal medicine to high doses of omega 3s (which did help.) I was so passionate about healing mental illness (especially depression) through natural means.

Kelley-st-Claire-Great-Graduate-SWIHA1c.jpgThrough the depression I developed a weight problem, frustrating and hard to find the will to do anything about it. For so long I was stuck. Eventually I unlocked some personal strategies to releasing that weight. I found my way to the best shape of my life! I even was able to maintain the weight and fitness, my life changed and I was once again able to live a healthy/balanced life through a natural, organic, conscious diet and lots of movement. I also reached out to others and had a healthy social life, developed confidence, even performing on stage, many times! I took up belly dancing, and those days were some of my best. 

Eventually I dipped back into the depression, yet milder, and my weight fluctuated. That weight affected everything; I experienced social anxiety and stopped dancing. This went on with weight fluctuating up and down until finally a blood test revealed that I had an underactive thyroid; this led me into a plant-based diet and learning as much as I could about the thyroid, adrenals, and really all of the body systems.

Going through those things (depression, weight imbalance, and low thyroid) brought me to a point where I was extremely passionate about helping others through those things. I became well versed in plant-based nutrition as well as other forms of nutrition because I believe that people all have different constitutions and respond differently to various ways of eating. I work with people who choose different ways of nourishing themselves.

So, a short answer is that I am so passionate about helping others empower themselves to live healthy lifestyles of consciousness and awareness of the foods they eat and the lifestyles they live. I’m passionate about leading people through the challenges I went through. I had been through the ultimate darkness and found the light; I want to help others find that light!

I also am passionate about bringing fun and lightness into their healing process. I bring my passion about energy medicine and living a high vibration life (full of love and joy) into my work with nutrition. 

We asked Kelly what were the most valuable things she learned during her time at SWIHA. She said:

  • I learned that I am capable of bettering myself and that I can actually be exceptional. I learned I have a lot to be proud of! If I had to choose the most valuable thing, that would be it. 

Kelley-st-Claire-Great-Graduate-SWIHA2b.jpgKelly’s business is Lightbody Nutrition & Wellness LLC. She helps people find fun and easy ways to have healthier diets that work for them. She aims to support her clients by from lightening their body-weight to raising their vibration from self-criticism, depression, and being overwhelmed to the higher ways of living like joy, fun, and love (self and others). She went on to explain:

I also offer group support/coaching and classes on many different subjects from healing thyroid imbalance through diet and lifestyle to aromatherapy/essential oils to weight release and self-care/love. I focus on helping people through overwhelm, depression and imbalances in their weight and adopting healthy habits/releasing destructive ones. I approach all areas of my work with people through guiding them ahead in their lives and taking action instead of getting bogged down in the past and being stuck. Consciousness and awareness and practical knowledge, self-love and care, lightening their lives from weight to mood, and I request accountability and offer support.

The desire to completely immerse herself in service work and to help them through some of the challenges I went through. I absolutely love helping people in this way and starting a business, taking the big leap of faith made sense.


These are the kinds of services Kelly offers her community.

  • Free membership in Facebook Support Group facilitating group support and interaction.
  • Local and virtual classes (both free and paid) on a multitude of subjects, from healing/working with depression, to self-healing through different modalities like aromatherapy, flower essences to herbal medicine and nutritional healing with a big focus on adding “More Plants to your Plate.”
  • Different levels of membership in the Lightbody Wellness Revolution Tribe to receive everything from more extensive coaching (both group and private depending on the level.) Q&A and small group coaching. 
  • Private and group consultations and presentations in Nutrition, Flower Essence, Herbal Healing, and Aromatherapy and many other things!
  • Private one-on-one coaching, more intimate and personal support and accountability. 


When asked what kinds of clients she sees:

  • People who want to live healthier lives, yet have a hard time maintaining healthy lifestyles due to both busy lives, lack of energy, depression, and body system imbalances. 
  • A potential client wants to adopt a healthier diet heavier in plant-based foods, and to reduce the processed convenience foods, sugars, meats and dairy. 
  • They want to cook more, yet get overwhelmed.
  • Those who carry excess weight and feel critical about themselves; maybe they feel heavy in body, energy, and mood. 
  • They come to me because while I help them make practical changes and offer a lot of education and support, I also pay attention to having a positive mindset and loving/accepting their bodies.
  • I also bring fun and pleasure into new lifestyles and inspiration/motivation to *want* to feed themselves healthier!


A message from Kelly to other new SWIHA grads who hope to follow in her footsteps:

  • Put your ALL into your education and find the passion within yourself to fully immerse yourself in your education. It is so valuable.
  • Show appreciation and gratitude.
  • ‘Show up’ in all ways and accept the abundant support that SWIHA offers.
  • Take the leap of faith and try new things.
  • Remain open to new things and opportunities because there is so much to learn in each class.


Kelly said SWIHA has helped her find her path and purpose. “I had been trying different approaches, working with different life and business coaches, and continually changing my niche and approach. Nothing was fully working. My SWIHA education really helped me become solid and clear and confident with what I offer and also now I know what my life purpose is (as it has been revealed to me.)” She said it feels wonderful to apply her SWIHA knowledge in her work—that she learned so much about helping people through action and forward thinking/mindset, as well as the abundant practical knowledge about nutrition, life coaching, and other healing modalities. She learned how to empower clients to find the spark within themselves for motivation, healing, realization, and lasting transformation!

The #GreatGraduate opened up about her marketing herself, as well as business development challenges and eases.

I am active on social media and respond to people and share great and abundant content. 

I have a “tribe” of people on my email list and I send them special offers and extra content. 

I have a local, active Meetup Group and offer ‘Small Group’ Circles to attract and support people so they get to know and trust me. I also offer the ‘Small Groups’ virtually through video chat when people show interest in them, they are fun and I love connecting with people from all over.

The most challenging was developing my confidence in my abilities and offers. I also continually changed my prices and had a hard time asking for what I am worth. I also had worries about money and supporting myself. I eventually took the big leap and rented an office and became more visible through blogging, website and I’ve lately been livestreaming and making videos. This was a big challenge.

The easiest was translating my personal challenges and experiences into ways to work with my clients! It comes easy to me to plan programs for my clients, and offer intuitive insight to them in addition to the solid support in lightening themselves through nutrition and wellness. I love people and trust my intuition in working with others. It’s so rewarding to be in my position, helping people truly change their nutrition and health through a “whole person” approach. 

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Website: kellystclaire.com

Instagram: @kellystclaire and @highvybelife

Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/artofwellness/

Facebook page: facebook.com/lightbodywellness/

Pinterest: pinterest.com/kellystclaire/

Twitter: @kellystclaire1


Kelly leaves us with a couple of her favorite quotes~


“Actually, I can.”


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


“Courage is being scared to death yet saddling up anyway.”

John Wayne


“We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”

Ernest Hemingway

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