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Posted by KC on 3/6/17 1:26 PM

The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner. By observing someone’s toes you will know a great deal about their past and the experiences they have lived through.  Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings, as well as their thoughts.

Toe Reading is a metaphysical art based on the belief that your body holographically records the story of your life in your feet. An experienced Toe Reader knows toes tell the truth, even when the person themselves may not even be aware of how deeply their life experience has effected them. An over-simplification of this technology would be to say that well-balanced people have beautiful, evenly shaped and spaced toes. The toes of people who have had more challenging lives will appear ‘toe-tied’, depicting the lumps and bumps of the personal and emotional lives they have lived up to this point in time. 

Toe-reading-blog1.jpgCritics of Toe Reading are of the opinion that bruised and battered toes are simply caused by wearing the wrong shoes, injuries, or disease.  They scoff at the thought that a person’s inner life could create such patterns in toes. There is a very close connection between character, behavior, and attitudes in life, and have you ever considered the personalities and thought processes of the person who chooses and buys certain footware and the effect they can have on the feet?

Are people who allow their feet to be deformed and their toes to be manipulated until they are crooked, the kind of people who allow other people to impose upon them rules and standards which run counter to their own core beliefs and values?  Probably. Crooked, downward pointed toes most often depict that a person’s energy is being flushed down the drain and they feel the world is not listening.  This indicates an inward resignation.

When observing certain toes that look like they have been under pressure, the story almost always is that the person has been pressured in some way.  Whatever is happening on the outside in one’s life will eventually cause an inward reaction.  On the other hand when someone changes inwardly, the toes change accordingly, even at an advanced age.

Each toe has ‘elemental’ characteristics.  Based on ayurvedic 5-element theory, each toe is read in association to certain element characteristics, which results in describing the person’s personal qualities and emotional issues related to each toe.

The first toe is known by a wide variety of names including: the Great Toe, the Ether Toe, and the Destiny Toe.  The element of Ether refers to the vastness of life’s possibilities.  When you think of Ether, or being in the Ethers, the vision of limitlessness may come to mind.  Imagine being in the heavens with every possible option available to you.  That is what the Ether Toe presents.  The Ether Toe gives us a preview of how a person was destined to walk their earthly path and what their ‘constitutional personality’ would have a tendency to be.  A person with a large round toe, for example, is likely to be destined to do something really big in the world, in flamboyant, expressive way.  Whereas a person with a longer, narrow Ether Toe is more likely to gravitate toward more technical pursuits.  The straighter the Ether toe, the more likely this person is walking their destined path. Chances are they have not settled for less along the way and have not gotten caught up in the need for other people’s approval.  When the Ether Toe veers off its straight path, it indicated that the person has been influenced away from their true heart purpose.  There is a high probability that this person has been forced to surrender their hopes and dreams to do something that someone else insisted they do.  A smaller Ether Toe indicates that the person will have the tendency to be very focused and cautious by their innate nature.

Toe-reading-blog2.jpgThe second toe is the Air toe, or the Communication toe.  This toe clearly records how a person communicates.  The longer the toe, the more Air the person has in their elemental profile.  The length of the toe will equate to the volume of talking they do or the depth of the thinking they do about something.  The key factor here will be to notice the focus and direction of the Air toe.  The more open and straightforward the tips of the Air toes, the more their communication mirrors those same characteristics.  Conversely, when the tops of the toes are pointed to the earth, it is likely that their communication is not forthright and open, rather directed inward.  Depending on the amount of congestion the toe tip indicates, there is likely an equal amount of congested emotions – fear or anger usually. If the tips of the toes are especially blunt, you will find that the person’s communication style is equally blunt and bottom-line. 


The middle toe is the Fire Toe.  This toe will reveal a person’s procrastination tendencies, how directive they are and the likelihood of their completing a task. The owner of a straight, strong toe is likely to be directed and focused in their approach in life and the achievement of their goals.  There are some toes that actually appear pointed, which usually indicates that the person might actually be down-right bossy.  When the tips of the Fire toe point downward they would suggest lack of follow thorough or easy discouragement.

The Water toe is the fourth toe, also known as the Relationship Toe.  This is the toe that, interestingly enough, is broken more often than any other.  When the Water Toe is stubbed or lacks energetic substance, the question to ask is what is the history and quality of past relationships?  There are times when a Water toe that is pointed toward the ground indicates deep friendship; the person may not have a wide variety of friends, rather a few very close friends.  If the Water toe insists on bedding up against the Fire toe, there will be the tendency for the person to need to be with someone to get anything done, rather than working by themselves.  And it can suggest that the person has a deep need to be in a relationship and finds it difficult to operate on their own.  In other words, the Fire and Water toes are co-dependent upon one another.

The little pinky toe is your Earth Toe, symbolic of trust and prosperity perceptions.  As with all the toes, the right and left sides lend different perspectives to the Toe Reading.  This is especially true when reading the Earth Toe.  The right Earth Toe will hold a person’s deep beliefs about money and sexual issues.  The emotions of the right little toe revolves around fear, insecurities, and betrayal.  The left Earth Toe is called the Trust Toe.  Characteristics of optimism and trust or pessimism and mistrust manifest in this area.


Take a moment to look down at your little Earth Toe, noting the nail formation.  The more of the nail that is showing on either side, the more likely you are ready and open to receive financial, physical and spiritual prosperity.  If you note that the nail of the Earth toe is turned sideways the reading would be that perhaps you are looking back on situations and events, rather than focusing on manifesting what you want.

Toe Reading also takes into account the color and texture of the toes, which helps the Toe Reader ask potent questions more accurately regarding the stored memories and emotions housed in the toes currently.  Each toe represents a different element or aspect of a person’s story. The overall guideline when reading toes is to fully describe what you are seeing, physically speaking.  It is best to write out the description in great detail, using as many adjectives as you can.  These vivid descriptions of the actual toes are the metaphoric description of what has actually taken place in the person’s life and how they have stored the memory or experience.  Once an ‘ah-ha’ connection is made about the life lesson learned from the stored experience in the toes, new choices can be make and change the shape of your toes. The answers to many questions you’ve had about your life are at the tips of your toes.

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