The Yoga of Manifestation: Amrit Desai’s Visit to SWIHA

Posted by KC Miller on 9/12/19 3:00 PM

There is a story told of a guru who was approached by many people wanting to know the secrets of manifestation. He closed his eyes, and so did those saying they were seeking wisdom. The yogi took a deep breath, as did those waiting. After what seemed to be a long time, the wise man opened his eyes and said, “If you want pears, plant pear seeds!” With that, he descended the mountain, leaving some to understand, while many only mumbled in their confusion.


The first Friday in September, over 300 people gathered to listen to Yogi Amrit Desai, one of the few remaining living yoga masters who originally brought over the authentic teachings of yoga in the early 1960’s. Nine years before his arrival, the seeds were planted!

Using the acronym PEAR, this is the process of manifestation we witnessed.

Plant seeds! Nine years ago there was a conversation between Kamini Desai, Amrit Desai’s daughter, and myself. Curiously, I asked if there was any possibility that her father would ever visit SWIHA! Politely, yet honestly, she said, “Probably not. He doesn’t really travel to Arizona very often!” Not discouraged at all, I responded, “Well maybe someday he’ll change his mind. I’ll just hold that thought!”

Just a couple of years ago, I inquired again about the possibility of a visit from the celebrated yoga master. Though still non-committal, Kamini promised to pass the invitation along. In my mind, I held the thought that Amrit might one day visit SWIHA.  And he did! The lesson confirmed was that we must plant seeds, replant them, and hold a vision of what we what.

Eliminate doubt. Doubt takes the form of mental weeds that can choke out the seeds of anything we have planted in faith. Guru Armit teaches this: “Slide into non-doing! Your strength is in your calmness; in the clarity of your mind!”

He went on to offer this insight: “Don’t practice conflict on the mat!” This was his way of saying -- Plant seeds of positivity.  Hold the thought you want, not one that is in conflict with your manifestation desires! Of course, the mat can be a yoga mat or the mat of your mind!

Allow for Divine timing. Although the first seeds were planted years ago, the logistic reality was that not until the exact month that this grand event happened would we have had room to seat 333+ people. The facility we were in years ago would not have been large enough; even our current auditorium was filled with miscellaneous items that would not have allowed for full seating capacity. Everything came together at the exact perfect time. When manifesting we must honor the timing of when the fruit shows up!

Release expectation.  Amrit, who is affectionately known as Gurudev, which means wise, respected teacher of wisdom, offered these sage yoga sutra-based pearls:  “Notice fearful thoughts – then let them go.  Learn to shift from expectation to intention.  Come to the edge of fear, which is really the edge of a memory from the past, and breathe past it. Slip into surrender!” 


Nothing compares with the direct experience of being in the presence of a great spiritual teacher.  He possesses a unique ability to transfer esoteric scriptural truths in a way that shift the entire consciousness of the room.  Standing with 300 souls for what seems to be an ordinary photo op, turned into a profound opportunity to experience a palpable shift in the quality of the air in the room. 

For me personally, it was my honor to spend some one-on-one time with this deep and intuitive man.  Within the first few seconds on meeting me he said, “Oh, I see you are just like me!”  With an excited thrilled I blurted out, “You mean because we are both spiritually reliable!” . . .  to which he said, “Exactly!” 

We discovered many similarities:

  • He confessed that he had struggled in grade school. Identifying, I said, “Oh, me too. I was dyslexic,” to which he said, “Oh, maybe that was it. I have always seen things differently. At some point I stopped expecting to see them the way others saw things!” 
  • We discussed how we both listen to our internal prompts, knowing we are being directed to do something – and very likely, in a new and creative way. My inquiry of him was, “Have you ever considered yourself spiritually dyslexic? “

    Without hesitation he shared that he translated the first well-known Yoga Sutra 1.1 differently than any other guru he has known.  Rather than, NOW begins the study of Yoga, Gurudev, translates Yoga Sutra 1.1. to be, “The study of yoga begins NOW, because there is no other time than NOW.”  Though subtle, there is a very specific spiritually dyslexic difference.
  • Adding up the digits of our individual birthdays, we both have a life path of 5 – which suggests we are adventurers, free spirited and seek freedom of expression.


The entire community was invited to join Amrit Desai in India for The Power of Scripture in Practice at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir, Malav, Jan 21-Jan 27, 2020. 

There are no accidents.  Amrit Desai and I were destined to meet.  Forever forward I will consciously plant pears!

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KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts celebrating its 30th year anniversary of helping people to discover their Gifts and Graces. Over the years KC has received many designations and won numerous awards. While these are milestones in life worth celebrating, her greatest joy and accomplishment, in her mind, is that her 'Life Light' has been used to help illuminate others 'light' and life purpose! Her personal life motto has become the healing model for SWIHA ~ Let me be an instrument in the peace and healing of others as we seek to touch lives, heal bodies and free souls!

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