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Posted by Jess Laws on 11/28/16 10:02 AM

Whether you are a long-time vegan or a newbie, being prepared in the kitchen can make eating vegan a breeze, rather than a hassle. A vegan eats only plant-derived foods, and they do not consume any animal products or bi-products, including honey, eggs, or milk. If you are interested in trying out a vegan diet, consider stocking your pantry with these things!


Nuts – Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fat in a vegan diet. Keep them on hand to soak and make foods such as almond milk, cashew cheese, or creamy sauces or soups. They also make a great addition to any salad or a bowl of oatmeal.

Beans – Beans are also a great source of protein and are full of phytonutrients. Stock up on dry beans to make soups, hummus, spreads, and burgers. These are also great on to top your salad, or try seasoning and roasting them for a quick and crunchy snack.

Coconut Milk – Coconut milk is a great substitute for milk or cream in any dish. Keep a few cans on hand to add to your coffee, make curries, soups, or to substitute in recipes. Refrigerated coconut milk also makes a wonderful whipped topping in just a few minutes of beating.

Coconut Oil – Among its cornucopia of uses, coconut oil is especially great for vegan baking and cooking. Use it to coat baking sheets and to sauté veggies; you can also use it as a substitute for butter or vegetable oil in recipes. For a treat, try spreading it on toast, or add a spoonful to your morning smoothie. For more great information on the power of coconut, read our other blog on this superfood: The Coconut Synergy.

Vegan-Pantry-Quinoa.jpgQuinoa – A favorite ingredient among vegans and non-vegans alike; quinoa is one of the most nutritious dry goods in your pantry. It is a gluten-free grain, cooked similarly to rice. Use it as a substitute for rice in stir-fry meals, make burger patties, or add it atop of your salad. It’s also a great breakfast food when mixed with some dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, for a sweeter flavor.

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Guest Blogger: Jess Laws is a nutrition student currently residing in Pensacola, Florida. She enjoys vegan cooking and educating others about healthy lifestyle change.

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