The Drastic Change in Perspective in the Toe Reading Community

Posted by Lauren Miller on 6/30/22 4:00 PM


What is Toe Reading

Toe Reading is the metaphysical understanding that the angle and contour of the toes are the physical manifestations of the path a person’s life has taken. The toes act as one of our bodies’ depositories for stories and emotions. A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the storyline stored in the cells of the body, specifically stored in the hologram of the toes.

The Reason for the Transition from Toe Telling to Toe Asking

For so long, Toe Readers have been trained to analyze a person’s toes and give them their interpretation of who they are as an individual. The modality began as a personality assessment, rather than a deep coaching tool. As the modality has developed over the years, Toe Readers began to understand the significance of the stories that are showing up in the feet. We began to understand the tension and shape of the toes were correlated to the internal dialogue a person was having within themselves. We have

learned that true transformation occurs through soul coaching dialogue, or asking deep questions based on what is being revealed in “toe language”. This new approach to toe reading gives the client the opportunity to reflect on what their personal truth is and what emotions or negative beliefs they are holding onto. When the client feels included and empowered in the session, this is where true transformation occurs. By stepping away from the need to know and be right, we open up the possibility for the person to come to their own realizations. It becomes a team effort between the Toe Reader and client to get to the bottom of what is holding them back or keeping them stuck in an unhelpful pattern.

Why the Toes need to be handled with Compassionate Inquiry and Not Authoritative Analysis

The Stories held in the toes reveal a lot of personal and emotional information. This information is based on the Chakra and Elemental Systems of the body. The experiences we go through in this lifetime can typically be related to the 7 Chakras and are stored in the body through the holograms of the Chakras, the main hologram being the toes.

toe reading-diagram


Big Toe/ Ether (Crown and Third Eye Chakra)

The Big Toe reveals how connected or disconnected we feel from our purpose and passion. It shows if there is a desire to escape the reality we are currently living in and if we are being drawn to embark on a new journey. It reveals the current status of our relationship to the infinite, unknown, God, or Source. The Big Toe records the significant parts of our life that have had the most effect on us. It shows if these events have either driven us towards or away from our destiny.

Second Toe/Air (Throat and Heart Chakra)

The second toe reveals our relationship to our voice. If we have the freedom to speak up for ourselves and express our own personal truths. This toe will show any points in our life where we absorbed criticism or felt controlled by others. The Throat and Heart Chakra are correlated to expressing our passion and personal truth. These Chakras thrive when we are surrounded by people who lift us up and value our opinions and support our full self-expression.

Third Toe/ Fire (Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra)

The third toe is correlated to our confidence and ambition. Our confidence can be damaged if we hold the belief that we do not deserve good things or experiences. This toe is also correlated to our relationship with rejection or healthy and empowering love. The bumps or downward slope of our third toe can be translated into “toe language” as the blocks or disbelief in ourselves when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams.

Forth Toe/Water (Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra)

The fourth toe stores the emotional baggage we have collected and accumulated throughout our lifetime. These stuck emotions can come from past relationships, grief, or guilt. The Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra are correlated to our independence or co-dependence within our personal relationships. It also reveals our tendency to repress or express our emotions.

Fifth Toe/Earth (Sacral and Root Chakra)

The Fifth toe reveals our relationship to trusting ourselves and others, if trust was ever broken or lost in our life it will be reflected in this toe. The fifth toe is also correlated to our relationship with money and abundance.

The Old way and The New Way

Note the difference between the two approaches. The first approach is what Toe Readers were accustomed to in the past. The second approach is the new soul/sole coaching dialogue that is currently being taught.

Old:Your Ether toe is pointed down this means you have a tendency of being pessimistic and negative.”

New:Your Ether toe is pointed down, what are the recurring negative thoughts or beliefs you have about yourself and the world? “ What do you love about yourself, what are you grateful for?

Old:There are a lot of bumps in your Air Toe, this shows that you have restricted yourself from speaking your truth.”

New:Your Air Toe seems to be experiencing some constriction, what is your relationship to standing up for yourself and expressing your voice?” “ What do you do when confrontation arises?

Old: Your Water toe is pointing down and holding the ground. This shows you may be emotionally reserved and repress your true feelings.”

New:Your water toe is hugging the earth, has there ever been a time where you have felt like you have had to hold all of your emotions in?” “Do you feel like you put others before yourself?

Old:Your Fire toe is rounded; this means you might have trouble following through on your goals

New:Your Fire toe is rounded, what do you feel called to in life that may be out of your comfort zone?” “What are some ways you can begin to build self-trust?” “What are some goals you can set for yourself that would lead to a better future?

Old:Your Earth Toe is tucked under your Water Toe, this shows that you struggle with trusting yourself and others.”

New:Your Earth Toe is tucked under your water Toe, this symbolizes our relationship to trusting others, how would you define a good friend? What makes you feel loved and supported? “What is your relationship to trusting that the universe has your back?

The first phrasing creates no room for the client’s personal story, and it is the story that is the reason for the shape and angle of the toe, to begin with. The position of the toes is a symptom of the emotional holding in the body and in the mind.

The second approach allows the client to go into a state of deep reflection and will propel the session to go into a place of inner reflection and emotional healing. The more questions asked the more “aha’s” Toe Readers and their clients will stumble upon together. It becomes a team effort to find and resolve the “issues in the tissues.”

It was overlooked how triggering it may be to some to have their stories told to them. They may feel called out or disempowered by the more direct approach especially when holding potentially dense stories, beliefs, and emotions. The goal of Toe Asking instead of Toe Telling is to empower the client to see what it is for them that is showing up in their toes. A Toe Reader’s job is to simply become a guide for their client’s personal realizations.

Often when we think we know, we become an instrument of the ego and not of divine healing. Toe Readers have realized that they cannot possibly know the extent of what someone has been through, the only way to truly know is to ask with deep curiosity and compassion.

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