SWIHA Student, Lizzy Hemmerle aka The Feel Good Mother, Helps Others on Their Journey to ‘Feel-Good’ Living

Posted by Elizabeth Hemmerle on 8/25/22 4:00 PM


I have been on the journey of entrepreneurship for almost 5 years before beginning my path at SWIHA as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner student. After bringing my daughter into this world, Ella Rae, my mother, and I started a skin, soul, self-care business: Dragonfly co., and our mission has been to create “products you can feel good about.” Through the years, I felt the call in my heart to expand this mission. I knew that feeling good was about more than just looking good. It prompted me to create and coin the term: ‘feel-good living” ((soon to be trademarked!)) While moving through my own life experiences of separation, loss, and transition — I became wholeheartedly committed to setting out on the journey of discovering what ‘feel-good living’ actually is. My partner, daughter, and I moved out to Arizona, on a whim or what I feel was a divine call, in January of 2022. Shortly after, I discovered SWIHA, randomly and unintentionally. Through this journey of defining ‘feel-good living,’ SWIHA is providing a safe container for me to fully embody and explore every layer of this lifestyle.

Become a Healing Arts Practitioner

The synchronicities are endless, every piece of information arriving at exactly the right time within my courses. The biggest defining moment was taking a guest pass for a somatic psychology class, in which I wound up enrolling. Through this class, I realized that feel-good living is a trauma-informed way of life. It is the reminder that it is our divine right to follow what feels-good, despite what has happened to us. It is a call to free ourselves enough from the past to feel-good, at this moment as we are, and it honors that you and I are not the same, and so what feels-good to you, may not feel-good to me, and that’s the beauty of it. Our society has taught us we need to follow diets, self-help methods, or specific protocols to find happiness; what if we all took a peaceful protest to every bit of that, and simply chose the foods, practices, and lifestyles that feel-good, TO US?

the feel-good mother

I am becoming more empowered and embodied, day by day. I am returning home to myself, and the ancient wisdom that has always been within, I just have forgotten. This whole process is about “remembering” rather than “learning”.

I am an intuitive self-healing guide, women’s mentor, entrepreneur, and mother of 2 — one earth-side and one on the way! I believe you are the true healer, and I am just the vessel through God which helps you remember your own power. I am currently leading a 6-month sisterhood container along with hosting my 1st retreat next month! I’m looking for aligned, heart-centered women, who know what it is to have moved through tough experiences, and still in their hearts have the hope for a feel-good future. I want to lead you towards the light, I will help you remember what it is to feel-good.

My first business, the dragonfly co. still continues on, 5 years later, sharing the mission of feel-good through small-batch skincare, soul-care, and self-care. I create facial care, incense, and lifestyle goods by hand, and partner with other women, and small-business owners in the USA to produce exclusive goods for our brand like hand-painted mugs, journals, etc.

The biggest highlight I want to make is:

I want to help millions of people feel-good, and I’ve begun by serving women, my sisters as you’ll hear me refer to them. I believe as women, we often feel we have to place others before ourselves, yet we are the divine creators of change. And so I created a 6-month container called ‘the feel-good sisterhood’ that has been in motion since April! My first founding sisters are almost at the close of their journey, and each of them is coming home to their TRUTH, their FEEL-GOOD! The first 3 months of this container are about ‘freeing ourselves enough to feel-good’ — working through trauma, in a gentle and loving way by utilizing the chakra system within the body. The next 3 months are about making space within the body for your feel-good life along with having fun, alongside your sisters through somatic or body awareness. All in all, this journey has been supported by my intuitive knowledge, somatic wisdom, and trauma-informed studies at SWIHA! The next sisterhood container begins October 22’ and only 4 spots will be available! Also, I will be hosting my 1st trauma-informed in-person experience next month: the Feel-Good Sisterhood Retreat in Scottsdale, az — Sept 9-11th, with only 1 space left!

The answers are already within; we often just need the support to feel safe enough to remember.


lizzy>> To learn more about ’the feel-good sisterhood’ 6-month container: https://www.growdandelion.co/sisterhood

>> For more information about the retreat + details to share: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChGEH_qr-90/

Email: lizzy@growdandelion.co

Instagram: @thefeelgoodmother // @shopdragonfly.co // @growdandelion.co // @thefeelgoodmission.co

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Hemmerle

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Elizabeth Hemmerle, the feel-good mother, is an intuitive self-healing guide, women’s mentor, entrepreneur, and mother of 2 — one earth-side and one on the way! Elizabeth is the owner of the Feel-Good Sisterhood and co-owner of the Dragonfly co. Lizzy is currently going through SWIHA’s IHAP program with a focus on Intuitive and Spiritual Studies. Lizzy believes that you are the true healer, and she is just the vessel through God which helps you remember your own power.

Elizabeth Hemmerle

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