Soul to Soul: Becca Briley and the Power of Mantras for 2018

Posted by Staff on 1/1/18 8:00 AM

As a self-described spirit-guided healer, Becca Briley is a woman led by her intuition. From the very beginning, Becca knew that her life’s purpose—her soul’s purpose—is to honor the sacred in others through selfless service to them. “I’m always naturally guided to that soulful place,” Becca shares. “Really supporting someone’s highest self, allowing them to show up in the most vulnerable and authentic way… To me, that’s just communicating soul to soul.” In fact, as a little girl, Becca would resolutely tell those around her, I’m not here for me,” a both poignant and profound observation from a child so young.

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Now as a graduate of SWIHA’s 100-hour Certificate of Excellence in Life Coaching, Becca is able to “be here” for others through her life coaching practice, appropriately called the “Spirit Guided Healer.” She has grown into this practice with the conviction that “by supporting others’ evolution, I am supporting my own for the highest and greatest good.” She finds that the questions her clients most frequently bring to her are ultimately ones of evolution: How do I control my thoughts? How do I stay positive? How do I get out of my bad habits? How do I look on the bright side? When working with people who are striving to make these improvements, she is sure to encourage them to see it as a process. “It’s a mindful practice,” Becca says. “It’s not a switch that you turn on and it stays on. Living in that higher space is a matter of repetition.”

Speaking of repetition, Becca believes that the most beneficial tool she uses with her clients is the creation of a mantra, or “sacred utterance,” as a replacement for their negative self-talk. Mantras trace their roots back to the Vedic period of Hinduism, during which these deeply personal chants evolved out of a respect for poetry and music of the time. They have since become a critical part of Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, and the Bahá’í Faith, and are now also popular in Western practices which value their power for transforming thoughts.

Becca 2_edited.jpgBy guiding clients through the process of developing an affirmation customized to their particular needs, Becca is encouraging them to recognize their power over their own minds. She witnessed this work beautifully with one client in particular—a young woman who had just entered the real estate business as an agent. As Becca tells it: “She was really just trying to get motivated, yet she kept finding that she wasn’t confident stepping into this role, thinking that it was too big of an industry and that she wouldn’t succeed.”

Together, Becca and this client decided on a mantra of “I am confident,” and Becca instructed the young woman to repeat it to herself at least once an hour. “She would put an alarm on her phone and set the wallpaper of her phone to say it! We even set her up with a wall calendar to remind her!” Becca herself would help monitor the progress of this mental transformation via daily check ins: “I text my clients or have them text me. The question is always, ‘What have you told yourself today?’”

What better time than January 1st for each of us to ask ourselves that very question as a matter of reflecting upon the past year and the year to come: What did we tell ourselves 2017? What will we tell ourselves throughout 2018? What powerful intentions and “I AM” statements do we want to create for the new year? Becca advises that when confronting our fear and self-doubt, especially around the future, we must realize that anything is possible. “It’s simply a matter of how badly you want it, what you are telling yourself about it, and the plan of action you’re going to take to make it happen,” she smiles.

Blessings as you enter 2018! May your thoughts be powerful ones this year!

Have big dreams for 2018?

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