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Posted by Kerry Burki on 9/2/16 8:41 AM

laura_hightower_swiha_great_graduates_western_herbalism_1.jpgLearn from Great Graduate, Laura Hightower

Laura Hightower was told about Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) when she expressed interest in wanting to learn more about herbalism to someone she knew. That led her to enroll and graduate from the Associates in Holistic Health Care with concentrations in Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition, 300-Hour Clinical Hypnotherapy and 100-Hour Transformational Reiki programs.

Herbalism was an interest of Laura’s ever since she walked into an herb shop at age 16. “I just found a natural connection to using herbs in order to heal naturally.” Reiki was something she had been doing since she was 9 and the attunements she received in her program helped amplify that. “I love how pain and excess energy just seems to effortlessly flow out of the body.” Pain is simply trapped energy and Reiki was the vehicle she learned to move it out. She had been interested in hypnotherapy ever since she went to a hypnotherapist when she was 20. She was guided by an ex-classmate who told her that her guides said she needed to take the nutrition program and learn a lot of valuable skills. It was that experience that led Laura back to school again for her Associates Degree.

After graduating, Laura created her business, Magickal Heart. Its focus is on inspiring others to grow and move past the things they have long-held onto so they can be empowered to change their lives to a whole, new level. She currently travels the Valley and beyond to see clients throughout Arizona.

Laura’s services currently include:

Oracle Card Readings – She lays a card spread and explains their placement to encourage your own clarity on where you are at financially, spiritually, and romantically.

Hypnotherapy – She uses Guided Imagery to bring you awareness of things in your subconscious that are making you feel stuck; this allows you to change those thought patterns in order to manifest new and wonderful things in your life.

Reiki – An energy work therapy that uses love-light energy through the hands to heal long-held blocks, to free you from what holds you back.

Nutrition + Herbal Consultations – In a consult, she will go over your health profile and tailor a protocol to suit your health needs.

laura_hightower_swiha_great_graduates_western_herbalism_2.jpgThis amazing graduate likes to begin her sessions by talking to her clients and relating to them as a person. She then walks them through the client intake form, so they know they can trust her to help them with their spiritual and health needs. Her clients are usually people looking for clarity and direction, and those who want to make huge changes in their lives. “They come to me to open up and become more connected within.”

While Laura does have a website and business cards, she has noticed that her clientele is through word of mouth. She describes what she does and it draws the client to her services. Occasionally she offers discounts to help get more awareness on her business and offerings. She admits that when she was first getting her business off of the ground that she had to get past the mindset that you have to have certain things ready before you can get it up and running. She learned that you just have to trust that the Universe will provide.Discover Healing Arts Programs for You

Laura is so grateful to be sharing what she learned at SWIHA with her clients, friends, and the world. “It is freeing: enjoying what I do, and watching things come together and just flow.” During her training, she had a classmate say that in a reiki session she connected with a Guide who she hadn’t seen in 15 years. She was very happy with this result. After a session with Laura, many people say they can feel the energy that no longer serves them being pulled out of their body and that they feel great, lighter. It is these types of stories that keep Laura going forward. She describes her business, Magickal Heart, as a space of healing which keeps her focused on empowering others and she is doing just that. She is opening up the doorway to the healing connection of Spirit. She tells us that her business is holistic and focused on spiritual transformation. She enjoys helping others move on with their own unique path to healing. She believes in the principle that you must first find within, what you seek without. The passion and intention her work is expressed beautifully in her mission statement:

Magickal Heart's mission is to be a space of spiritual awakening, to open up the soul to its purpose, heal the body through nourishment, and release blockages in the mind to create a greater sense of well-being. Our vision is to guide others on their spiritual journey to transform the soul on their enlightened path.

laura_hightower_swiha_great_graduates_western_herbalism_3.jpgThis woman is taking her services another step further by offering herbal products for her clients. She has creams, salves, tinctures, teas, and even hair pomade. They are all made with tender loving care and infused with reiki. Some of the creations have been for psoriasis, self-love, self-awareness, arthritis, and more. I absolutely love making salves for me. I love being able to fulfill my life's purpose and explore my passions and help others in the process.”

Laura’s message for SWIHA students and graduates looking to follow in her footsteps:

“Before SWIHA, I was searching for my purpose. SWIHA helped me learn about my life purpose and manifest it into reality. I learned more about who I am as a person and what I am looking for. SWIHA put me in a more positive mindset and I learned different avenues to receive clarity on my path.”

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