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Posted by Kerry Burki on 11/4/16 8:59 AM

Noushin Mazlaghani admits that it was life’s challenges that brought her to study at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). More than 8 years ago, when I had my first massage, I was at the lowest point in my life.” She was divorcing after 27 years, grieving for her dad's death, recovering from two major surgeries, and dealing with an empty nest. “I experienced total relaxation and freedom from all my anxieties during my massage, and I had complete peace. This experience totally shifted my life, and I committed myself to bring this peace to others.”

Noushin_Mazlaghani_SWIHA_Great_Graduates1.jpgThis transformational experience led Noushin to go on and graduate from both the Massage Therapy Professional Massage Practitioner 750-hour program and the Polarity Associate Polarity Practitioner 200-hour program. After graduating in 2010, as a licensed Cranial Massage Therapist and Polarity Practitioner, I opened my own center to be at service to others.” This center is called the De Language Healing Arts and it is located in Scottsdale, AZ. It is here that she serves her clients with the unique combination of the modalities of Cranial Therapy and Polarity. There are no other Polarity clinics around other than the one on the SWIHA campus. The mission of her center is for clients to experience serenity. My practice is all about YOU experiencing total health and freedom in your own body. We look at your body in a deeper context as just a structure, we explore the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspect of your being together, for a tranquility and vibrant experience of yourSELF in all areas of your life that are most important to YOU.”

Some of the services that clients can receive at Noushin’s center are Intuitive Emotional Release massages; Chakra Balancing; Cranial Therapy including, and not limited to: migraine, fatigue, sleep disorders, TMJ, anxiety relief, joint therapy (frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and more). During my career, I have helped so many people manage their major life crises, by integrating mental, emotional, conscious, and unconscious aspects of the mind and body. This leaves them in a more harmonious state of being to experience joy, happiness, peace, and freedom. I work with the structure of the body along with the muscles and neuromuscular system to balance Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical body, (CHAKRAS) and allow the life force (Energy or Prana) flow freely throughout the body, so you will experience total peace and freedom from within. Based on my extensive trainings and knowledge of Body-Mind-Spirit connections and communications, my healing techniques are very effective, fast, and lasting, as long as you commit yourSELF to a vibrant life.”

Noushin.jpgThe education Noushin received at SWIHA opened so many doors for her that she didn’t even know existed. “From one program to another, they lead me to my fullest potential and self-expression as therapist and healer.”

Since starting out, Noushin has received the highest praise from her clients. Her client, Errol Getner, shared his testimonial with her and encouraged her to share it with others too. He said,  ‘In my life, I have been very fortunate that the right person has showed up when he or she is needed. Noushin appeared as a surprise bonus when I accepted an invitation to an event from a good friend. It never shocks me when the universe arranges meetings like this. Noushin is perceptive, sensitive, and wise; in a very short time, with her subtle guidance, I have moved along very quickly on my life's journey. I cannot thank her enough for being the right person at the very right time. Thank you Noushin.’

These kind of experiences remind Noushin of one of her favorite quotes that she discovered during her time at SWIHA, “The light will enter where the wound is.”

Noushin’s message for SWIHA students and graduates looking to follow in her footsteps:

“Expand your knowledge. Try everything, apply it in your own life, and then take your practice to the world while you deepening the depth of your craft.”

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