Polarity: Crystals and Stones For Studying

Posted by Kerry Burki on 10/3/16 12:39 PM

Calcite.jpgThe students and graduates of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts spend a lot of their time studying, preparing for presentations, teaching, and practicing self-development. Here are some stones and crystals that will be helpful to have on hand to create mental clarity, alleviate stress, and boost confidence.

Calcite is actually known for helping with studying and teaching! It helps with stress and can be calming. It can be found in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors all over the world.


Carnelian is another one that is PERFECT for all things-acedemia! It is known to help with speech, memory, and studying. This one might be good to have on hand for any oral presentations or coaching. It is also helpful with self-esteem. It is a mostly orange and red stone that can be found raw or tumbled.

tigers_eye.jpgTigers Eye is a grounding stone. This stone is known to help with intuition, courage, and sharpening the mind. It also helps with fear and worry. Many people love this stone for its chatoyancy, the optical reflectance effect, which makes it mesmerizing.

Howlite is known to help with reaching goals and memorizing. It nurtures calm communication and is good for memory. This white stone with black and grey also helps with stress and anger.Howlite.jpg

Most of these can be found at our Healing Pages Bookstore on campus or in their online shop. If you are looking to learn more about using crystals and stones in your work, consider checking out our upcoming class called Polarity – Sound Healing, Crystals and Trance States. Music, sound, trance, and crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and create heightened states of consciousness. In this course, you will learn the history of trance in healing, spirituality and shamanism, and focus on universal principles and protocols. Define, create, and integrate trance states with music or instruments, and enhance intention with crystals and sounds. Focused topics include how to work with addictions, dependencies, PTSD, trauma, visionary states, performance enhancement, and how to meet everyday challenges using trance states with sound healing and music to create therapeutic outcomes for yourself, clients, and audiences. No prerequisite required.

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