Passions Fueled With Life Coaching: Being a Witness to the Transformations of Others

Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 1/14/17 10:00 AM

Lori Beard has always considered herself to be a veteran in the field of life coaching, although she’s “officially” been a Life Coach for just a year. As a loving wife for more than twenty years and a mother of eight children, it’s no surprise that she possesses these natural gifts! “I’ve always been intrigued by the human mind and how others respond to circumstances. I love to learn from others and inspire them to step forward into their destined path of greatness.”

In her own words, “SWIHA helped me to release, resolve, reframe, and remove the baggage that was dragging me down for so long.” The teachers she had were all so positive and great mentors. “They knew how to challenge me to give me the best in a loving and caring way.”


Observing people’s transformations sparks Lori’s passion for this work. “Inspiring others to be their best and offering hope keeps me motivated,” said Lori. She went on to share how the Wheel of Balance tool works wonders in the lives of her clients, which are usually couples and ladies struggling with anxiety and depression. “Helping them ‘slice’ up the different areas that need attention makes such a difference - helping them set goals and prioritize in order to make small, yet significant changes in their lives, as a whole.”

Of the many quotes that Lori fell in love with during her SWIHA path, she shared with us two of her favorites: ‘Failing is not always failure’, and ‘The 3 C’s of life are: Chances, Choices, Changes.  You must take a chance to make a choice and change your life.”

Lastly, this coach gifted us with her insight for what future life coaches can expect: “They can look forward to inspire others to become their best by connecting with their inner, highest-self.  Being instruments to help others find the answers from within is extremely gratifying.”

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