What is this ‘overwhelming urgency’ I feel in my Life?

Posted by Brian McKinney on 1/5/15 2:18 AM

James Patrick

It has been called it Destiny or Fate. Some describe it as the Dharma and Karma process. Paulo Coelho, author of one of the all-time besting books, The Alchemist, has taught millions that each person must discover his or her own personal legend—the unique path that leads to an individual's destiny. And well known motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, advocates that we must “awaken the giant within!”

One of the great graduates of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, James Patrick, describes this internal phenomenon yet another way. He calls it our ‘Life Sentence’!

James is an impassioned Life Coach, motivational speaker and ordained minister who knows from personal experience that we cannot escape the work we are “sentenced” to do here on earth. He believes we are intrinsically linked to our personal calling.

To describe the great human search as a Life Sentence may sound a little dramatic at first, yet once you understand what James Patrick is suggesting, it is hard to see it any other way. His foundational belief is that we are all born with a sacred contract that we agreed to live out on earth. It is not something we can run or hide from.

We will be haunted with an internal itch that drives us to explore what significant piece we play in the game of life, often involving serving others. James Patrick suggests we have a choice as to if we are going live our life from the view of imprisonment or empowerment!

James PatrickAs a Life Coach, James has coached many people who have felt like they are victims to their life and get stuck in accusing others for what has happened to them. On some level, many of his clients see those in their life as metaphorical “jailers”, holding the keys to their freedom and happiness.

After just one workshop or class with James people realize right away he is a tough guardian of the universal truth teachings he espouses! Without hesitation he will ask powerful, propelling questions about your life! His intention is to unlock the mental binds that hold people in a cell-sized box of thinking! His commitment is to offer the keys to self-understanding, self-responsibility, and self-empowerment. What he has come to know is that empowering others is his ‘Life Sentence’.

Like most passionate and effective teachers and mentors James Patrick has a story. According to him most of the details don’t matter my more. What he does share is that there was a point in his life where he, like so many he guides, came to a crossroad. He didn’t exactly yell at the universe, however he did stop and ask: Hey, what’s up? There has got to be more to life than this!

Hey, what’s up? There has got to be more to life than this!

James Patrick

James Patrick

It was shortly thereafter that James stumbled across an advertisement for Life Coaching at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). It was if the ad was speaking directly to him answering the exact question he had posed only days before. He realized that the heart-stirrings he felt when reading the ad was the way that his inner-guidance spoke to him. Not only was he excited to learn a new and powerful way to serve in the world, he was ecstatic that he had connected with his inner-knowing.

The passion James has for Life Coaching and helping others is evident in the work he does every day. It’s an extension of who he is; it’s his life’s work!

After completing an Associates of Occupational Studies Mind Body Transformational Psychology program at SWIHA, James launched his own holistic wellness business, James Patrick Lifestyle Training. “It’s ‘personal’ training’ from the inside out,” he explains.

As James has gotten clear on his Life Sentence he fully embraces the fact that part of his life-work is to be a coach to those who are destined to become prosperous Holistic Entrepreneurs. He serves as the Lead Instructor for the Business Development and Entrepreneurial Support courses offered on-campus by SWIHA. He also works with SWIHA’s Success Center, coaching students and graduates around launching their business, especially guarding them against the dangers of imprisoning themselves with negative self-talk.

James PatrickJames has gotten a very clear message that he has even more to do to fulfill his Life Sentence! His internal “warden” has downloaded a series of workshops that he must offer to the world.

Beginning on Thursday, February 5th, 2015, James is offering a complimentary, four-week ‘Life Sentence Workshop Series’ at SWIHA to help all those who may have felt, on some level stuck, imprisoned by their lack of clarity. IF you are ready for personal-empowerment, James Patrick is ready to teach you to break the chains that may be binding you and step into your life-work . . .your Life Sentence!

We all have a Life Sentence! The true choice is how we will serve it! Imprisoned, as if we have no choices. Or, empowered!

Be our guest for all or part of the complimentary four week ‘Life Sentence Workshop Series' offered at SWIHA by James Patrick starting Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015. Register Online: EV 510 - Life Sentence Workshop or call Student Services to register at (480) 994-9244, or email James Patrick directly with your questions: [email]jamesp@swiha.edu[/email]

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