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Posted by Cherie Lee on 2/6/17 4:02 PM

Intuitive Empathic, Published Author Becomes - Traveling, Spiritual Minister and Angel Card Reader (Cherie Lee-Aka, Amy Jamison)

I am Cherie Lee, aka Amy Jamison, the published author of  Visions From Above / My Journey ~ My Destiny, a book about my near-death experience and 42 years as a visionary/intuitive guide.

If you’ve ever been to the Healing Pages Bookstore on SWIHA’s campus, you probably have noticed the huge selection of decks of cards. I had purchased an Angel Card deck by Doreen Virtue in 2014, when I met her at the Hay House Writer's Workshop in March 2014. This workshop was the foundation for me writing and self-publishing my first book in June 2014 with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.


In October 2016, I took this same deck of cards with me to one of my holistic business development classes—the one on-campus (although the Entrepreneurial Suite is also offered online.) I remember laying them out on the table, and afterwards, my teacher encouraged me to go live on Facebook that evening and market myself by doing an Angel Card Reading with her. That was such great advice.

The Angel Card Reading post generated fifteen clients. I just attended the Buckeye Days Wild Western Festival, where I had a booth to promote the readings, my book, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. I began my career in the holistic industry before I graduated, by offering a diversity of services to the public and friends on a complementary basis. I believe we must give in order to receive. In addition to the card readings, I did over thirty hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions. I marketed my services via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and by word of mouth.

I have learned that the sooner you get out in public and offer your services, the sooner you will begin to see results.

 My clients tend to be verbally, sexually and physically abused individuals, who self-sabotage themselves. They are smart and driven, yet, they lack self-confidence. I help them achieve their desire to reach their goals and remind them how important they are in this world. This requires a lot of patience, determination, kindness and love. I am a very "openhearted" practitioner, and I always focus on my strong faith in God and the Angels and I never falter on my truth. I remind myself that I am no better than, nor worse than anyone else. We are all equal, and we all have special gifts to bestow upon the world. This is one of my favorite quotes from one of Richard Seaman’s Life Coaching classes:

"You must go within, or, you go without".

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About the Author Cherie Lee

Cherie Lee has enrolled in the Mind-Body Practioner program with concentrations in hypnotherapy and life coaching. Through SWIHA, she has also received ordination and was honored at the December Gifts and Graces.

Cherie Lee

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