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Posted by KC on 9/1/16 4:06 PM

Yoga_Seeker1.jpgThe first word of the ancient Yoga Sutras is atha, which means NOW. In Sanskrit, atha is pronounced ah-tah.  In the yogic tradition, atha consists of two of the sacred sounds of ‘a’ and ‘tha’,  which are thought to be vibrational keys that unlock our chakras  -- the spinning wheels of energetic consciousness we all have within us.  When we say, or mindfully chant, atha the sacred language is said to unlock the portals of Truth (our 6th chakra) and our Divine connection (the 7th Crown chakra).  

Not only does atha means NOW, it indicates a conscious decision to start something that will be practiced with a deep commitment, over a sustained period of time.  Often when translating the word atha it is explained as a term indicating an auspicious, or significantly special, beginning.

Atha could easily be compared to the decision one might make to do something as committedly as deciding to stop drinking alcohol. It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes practice and a daily commitment.  The well-known phrase ‘One day at a time’ exemplifies Yoga Sutra 1.1.   

The words of the first ancient sutra, Atha Yoga Anushasanam, translate to:  NOW is the time to begin the practice of yoga.  Atha goes beyond yoga. 

On the first day of September, National Yoga Awareness Month, you are invited to join a group of committed individuals in seriously studying the Yoga Sutras for 108 days.

Day 1 of 108 Days -- Invitation #1

PAUSE . . . sit with an open heart.

REFLECT on what it is your inner Guidance reveals to you as to what YOUR personal practice will be for the next 108 Days ~ 

YS_1.1_Blog_pic_blank.gif#ItsYOURpractice~ No one can dictate what you will practice. Once you begin to tune into your inner a Divine Guide the writings on the walls of your soul will be revealed. When YOU are ready ... get very still and say mindfully:  'NOW I'm ready to begin the practice of __________!'

In the stillness YOUR Divine Guidance will reveal what it is you are to fill in the blank space with. That blank space is the void that is causing you to Seek!

ASK! Simply say or pray: Oh Divine Guide ~ what would you have me practice? Listen from your heart, not your mind!

YOKE to your true YES! Let the answer as to what you are ready to seriously practice bubble up until there is a part of you that wants to shout YES, that's it! That is what I will seek!


There are many translates on the Yoga Sutras.  Read any translation, or better yet read multiple translations and then write your own personal version.  To truly understand the Yoga Sutras you must journal about them; rewrite them to make them your own; question them; embrace them; live them.


You are invited to share your personal versions of the Yoga Sutras in a Facebook study group called Serious Sutra Seekers.


May the next 108 days we ones in which you find what you are seeking.

Blessings ~ KC #Seeker


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About the Author KC

KC Miller is a Seeker! She always has been one! Very early in life KC challenged her Sunday school teacher as to WHY she was allowed to only pray pre-written approved prayers. Unsatisfied with the answer given her, KC has remained a committed seeker for over six decades, seeking to connect with Divine on a deep personal level, while serving as a Guide and teacher of others seeking to do the same. KC is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, in Tempe, Arizona. As a longtime yogi, KC has a deep passion for the Yoga Sutras, and continues to facilitate study groups. Join the current 108 Day Yoga Sutra Explorations by joining the Facebook Study Group called Serious Sutra Seekers: Facebook Group


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