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Posted by Brian McKinney on 5/20/14 8:33 AM

Tara Martineau

SWIHA Graduate Tara Martineau is a Transformational Reiki practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, and intuitive Toe Reader.

Tara is excited to be sharing news that she has just signed a lease for her own professional suite at a retail wellness building to offer her healing arts. Tara previously mainly traveled to offer her sessions or worked from home. She also does a lot of volunteer work with her gifts at multiple locations including the Southwest HIV Center and Banner Heart Hospital. Tara has often shared her skills at the ‘Discover Your Gifts & Graces’ event every first Friday of the month at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is now growing her practice, building her clientele, expanding her business Soar to Self, and taking a leap into having her own office at the Independent Professionals Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ.

Tara loves helping people rediscover themselves and incorporating aromatherapy into her work, especially for the emotional benefits it brings to her clients, but says her heart goes to Reiki and energy work. Her take? “It’s all the same work; it’s just a different direction in how you come at it. I love creatively incorporating it all together. I can’t work on a client without their toes talking to me!”

Energy Work may be dearest to Tara’s heart because she’s been doing it for more than 10 years. Beginning with learning Traditional Reiki back in 2001 through a private instructor, she later came to SWIHA and studied Transformational Reiki. She took the class, and then audited it again, experiencing the program differently each time because she was in a different place in her life.

“I’ve had amazing teachers and amazing experiences at SWIHA. It’s all what you bring to it. The first time I did the Reiki Program, I was in a place of discovering my self-confidence, and that I could speak about it and be strong in it. Years later I went back and wanted to be immersed in it and surrounded by it. I was with a community of like-minded people. That experience was more spiritual because I was not as raw. So I came from traditional training to the transformational and had so many questions; Does this work? It became more fluid, from a spiritual place, and seeped into everything I do.”

Tara Martineau

Tara now considers energy work part of everything she does in every part of her day. “Everything I do involves energy work, from blessing my food when I eat, to feeding my pets, to blessing other drivers on the road so we don’t get in accidents. It is just part of who I am and what I do.”

Lifelong learning at SWIHA has been a part of Tara’s life for many years.

“SWIHA is a wonderful place to take classes. I walk into the building and I feel like I am at home and I’ve heard many people say the same thing. Because you can feel that way, you let your defences down and you learn better. If you walk into a school that is very clinical, you don’t absorb as much. Like at the Gifts & Graces presentations, you feel the community.”

Tara Martineau

Tara says she refers friends to SWIHA who are looking to take classes to come to the event because it gives them an idea of how much is possible. “It’s being in the space with all of the energy and love and everyone with the same focus.”

Check out Tara’s profile on SWIHA’s Great Graduates online directory and be sure to go to her website Soar to Self to find out about all the ways that Tara can support your personal healing, transformation and wellness.

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