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Posted by Brian McKinney on 3/25/16 4:26 AM

DebordMarci DeBord was divinely led to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). “After asking for guidance from the Creator to assist and guide me to the answers I sought, I was directed to SWIHA.” During her time at SWIHA, Marci experienced a beautiful transformation -- she discovered an occupation and passion that she feels privileged and honored to be doing.

Marci first enrolled in the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program and right before she completed the program she felt led to complete the Mind Body Transformational Psychology Associates program, which she graduated from April 2015. Through-out each program she maintained a 4.0 grade average, was passionate for each class.

“From each class I learned valuable information for self-transformation and how to successfully guide others. What stands out the most would be the complete acceptance of myself and my abilities, and how to effectively serve others for their highest good.”

Life Coaching was Marci’s original goal when she enrolled in the program. However, during her studies she discovered a passion for Hypnotherapy. Ultimately, she discovered that both Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy work very well together.

Marci now owns and operates Mind Body & Soul Holistic Health from her home. She shares that her intention is to fully utilize Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to guide clients to wholeness within their mind, body, and soul. She also offers spiritual services along with marriage ceremonies.

Currently, she writes a weekly column for the Victoria Advocate newspaper in the Good Living section called Mind, Body, & Spirit where she shares holistic wellness information. After each article is featured in the newspaper, she shares it on her blog, Facebook, and Linkedin. (Click here) to view her featured articles. Marci is also working on a Holistic Wellness book that will be complete in the next couple of months and it also includes side-notes of her personal journey.

Marci is on a roll and soon will be having monthly meetings for an association she is putting together called South Texas Holistic Association. “This will be for any practitioner that uses holistic modalities, whereby we can discover ways to enlighten each other and ways to share with the community. In a month or so we will have a meditation group starting. Once a week we will gather and practice meditation as a group to share the various types and how to incorporate it into everyday life. There will also be presentations on different topics such as Drug Awareness, Stress Management, Spiritual/Prayer, and Meditation.”

Inspiration for all of her endeavors started while she was gaining knowledge and exploring the different classes at SWIHA. During her time at SWIHA, she realized that most of her life people have easily opened up to her. She is now able to confidently serve others as a Wellness Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Minister, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach, that also offers clients aromatherapy, along with other tools and techniques that aid to regain balance within mind, body, and soul. Her clients can expect to experience a relaxing atmosphere with soft meditative music, easy rapport, and unconditional acceptance as to where they are now in their journey. “My focus is to remain neutral and my focus is maintained on my client.”

DebordMost of Marci’s clients request hypnotherapy to aid them in reaching their goals. She also sees concerns in regards to weight, anxiety, stress, and sleep. Additionally, many clients make appointments out of curiosity from reading her once a week column Mind, Body, & Spirit. Her clients have been as young as 17 to as old as early 80’s, with most being in the age range from 40-50.

When it comes to marketing her business, Marci believes her biggest volume of appointments are generated from her writing for the newspaper since her email and phone number are shared with readers. “I even receive emails to just thank me for writing the articles. Another effective resource was sharing my business cards at hair salons, chiropractor offices, other holistic practitioners, and also through networking and referrals.” Throughout her time at SWIHA, she built her business so before she graduated she had a working website, Facebook page, and networking materials. After her first year, she started sharing and leaving her cards at different businesses and started networking.

Marci feels deeply that it is an honor and privilege to serve others. She believes that through her own self-transformation, the knowledge she gained at SWIHA, putting her education into action, her teachers and classmates sharing, her confidence was awaken and built up. That confidence is what helps her share her passion with others.

Right now, Marci wants to finish the nutrition courses offered at SWIHA. She believes we should always keep ourselves open to growing and learning.

“My SWIHA education indeed freed my spirit within and guided me to doing a profession that I have a passion for and look forward to each and every day. It also opened me up to unlimited possibilities and acceptance of self fully at all times for where I am now in life. My message to SWIHA grads would be to follow your heart and stay open to unlimited possibilities, which will lead you along your journey into your dreams.”

The most memorable story Marci has to share is about how you never know how what you do or write will affect others: “A man, imprisoned in the local jail who access to the newspaper I write for, called me. He said he reads my weekly articles. One article in particular was spiritual in nature, about meditation, with the quote, ‘Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen.’ – unknown. The man called me from the jail after reading my article and we spoke about many deep and spiritual things. He shared that he was interested in meditation. My heart was humbled from this experience! By sharing through my written articles and blogs I was touching others in such a positive way. It is humbling! I consider each of my clients, and all those whose paths I cross, an honor and privilege to be of service. I stay open to my intuition and guidance from Spirit to guide others to their highest good -- always knowing that the person I am working with has the answer within! I fully embrace that I am just a stepping stone along their journey.”

To connect with Marci and the powerful work that she is doing in the world, check out her various social media channels and the empowering articles she write for the Victoria Advocate.

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