Life Coaching Mirror Image: The Coach is the Client & the Client is the Coach!

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 1/28/17 10:00 AM

The story behind Tammy Coin getting to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) is a long one. When she enrolled at SWIHA, she wasn't really sure of her direction. She arrived with a Masters in Human Relations Counseling and since her own life journey was connected to holistic practices, she opted to enroll in the Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner diploma program, rather than a degree program.  At the time of my enrollment in September 2014, she had several life issues taking place, and she was about to leave town for the birth of her first grandchild. Since she did not have a specific direction in mind, she opted for the Holistic Nutrition program and the Polarity program.  A few months in, she went through her required 20-hour Life Coaching weekend.  ”I KNEW it was for me, yet I wasn't sure how I was going to work in Life Coaching because my schedule was already full.  Shortly after that, I completed my required 20 hours in Hypnotherapy.  As much as I was enjoying Polarity, I KNEW that Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy complimented my Masters degree and was absolutely the right choice for me.” By this time, she had completed Polarity 1, Polarity Reflexology, & Cranial Unwinding.  She is so grateful for that knowledge, yet she knew where she was being led.  By the time she graduated, she had completed 120 hours of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy 101 (on-campus) and Hypnotherapy 201 and Hypnotherapy 301 online. “ I guess in the technical sense, I have been coaching for about one year.  In the literal sense, I have been coaching my entire life. ”  


 In Tammy’s practice, she doesn’t always use a tool or worksheet from the Life Coaching program. “I like to see how it will organically flow with my clients.  Every client and every session has a unique component. If I had to choose, I particularly love More or Less and the Wheel of Balance.”

The niche that Tammy works with is continuously being honed.  Because of her own interest, she is particularly drawn to clients who have experienced childhood trauma & abuse, or what might be called ‘adverse childhood experiences’. ” However, I find that I enjoy working with professionals who have "a lot going on".  They don't often identify with childhood trauma and abuse, yet it is often in their background.  It is my belief that unhealed emotions are at the root of our challenges in every area (physical, emotional, weight, relationship, addiction, spiritual), and we do not always recognize this.”  For this reason, her interest is often tied to all types of trauma. She likes to work with the clients who feel they have tried everything and something still just isn't right.  Recently, she has also found that she has  an interest in either working with children or with parents who feel they have children who are acting out.

One of Tammy’s favorite quotes that she learned through her Life Coaching program was and is still, "You teach what you need". She wanted to share with potential students that regardless of what they want to do in their life, this is a fantastic program. “If you like to connect to others on a deep level OR if you need to learn more about yourself, this is a fantastic way to grow as a human.” 

Tammy knows that her life mission started at birth. She learned a long, long time ago that she has always helped other people.  Her life has been full of trauma, transition, turmoil, and transformation. It is her soul journey to use every bit of knowledge she has gained along the way to help others transition and transform in their life. “SWIHA has given me fantastic teachers, fantastic curriculum, numerous events for volunteering or showcasing my business, a success center for questions, a fabulous online program, classmates who have supported & loved me...and above all else, SWIHA has provided me with a place to go through my final transition on my way to a full and complete transformation!”

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