Life Coaching: An Introduction By Kylie Marshall, SWIHA Mind-Body Transformational Psychology student

Posted by Kylie Marshall on 5/17/16 11:53 AM

Kylie Marshall SWIHA Mind body transformational psychology studentA sobering thought -- what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential? 

Some of the most pressing matters of the human experience revolve around happiness, achievement, and growth. We are always striving for something, whether it is financial freedom, physical fitness, education, a happier marriage, or overcoming personal struggles. As human beings, we have an incredible resource in living a full, harmonious life: the ability to reflect, reason, and re-learn. Our consciousness aims to teach us to re-evaluate ourselves so we can maximize our potential, be the person we are meant to be, and live passionately in confidence and self-love that is given to our family and friends as a result. But what happens when, throughout the muddle of financial and personal crisis, we become shrouded with guilt, fear, confusion, and inaction? More importantly, how can we rise again after we fall into moments of despair, of unknowing, and indecisiveness so that we can live a truly incredible life?

Life Coaching was once a very small and overlooked aspect of holistic wellness and has since gained tremendous momentum in a world that has become disconnected from harmony, happiness, and health in return for the stresses of living in a culture that never sleeps. At a time in history when we can click our way into new worlds, instantly communicate with people millions of miles away, and learn about anything we desire for free, the human being still struggles with personal fulfillment. For those who are not struggling with a medical and/or psychiatric disease that requires the work of professionals in those fields, life coaching is an irreplaceable asset. A life coach is one who engages in the transformative process with their clients to identify obstacles, make goals to overcome them, and achieve personal and professional empowerment as a result of conscious work.

Kylie Marshall SWIHA Mind body transformational psychology student

Life Coaching can be a short term solution or a long-term journey, which is solely based on the personal progress of the client. Coaches are not doctors, psychologists, or psychiatrists, and they do not diagnose or treat diseases — coaches offer a wide range of resources and tools to teach clients how to access their intuition and integrity so they can make changes in their lives that are lasting and powerful. They offer meditations, exercises, worksheets, and various methods to teach clients how to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting fulfillment.

Life Coaches are a wonderful choice for young adults and teens who are trying to figure out who they are, what they want to do, and how they can achieve their dreams in reality.

Life coaches are also a wonderful compliment to anyone on a health and wellness journey.

Life coaches strive to teach their clients personal responsibility, confidence, and empowerment as a means to clarify their intentions in order to start living their life the way they want.

A life coaching session typically lasts anywhere from 20-60 minutes, although longer sessions are easy to come by. The goal is to work with holistic principles to nourish the whole person. Coaches focus on all aspects and values of their clients. This helps them identify and clarify personal values, make connections to recurrent problems, and overcome personal and professional struggles that hold them back from success and happiness. Coaching is a process that unfolds as the client allows themselves to take control of their life, make definitive changes, and reap the rewards of personal work.

Kylie Marshall SWIHA Mind body transformational psychology studentThe importance of finding passion in our lives is of the utmost importance and the pinnacle of personal achievement. Big or small, the challenges and struggles that you face, both financially and personally, are the reflections of your life. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you feel? If imagining a world without a mirror is a beautiful idea, a life coach is a safe, confidential, and professional mentor that will motivate, question, and support you as you learn to love your life and love yourself again.

What do you have to gain by opening yourself up to the opportunity to work with a life coach? If you can’t answer that question, then calling a life coach in your area can be exactly what you need to begin or continue the journey to maximizing your potential!

Interested in becoming a life coach at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts? Check out our Transformational Life Coaching program that is offered both on campus and online!

Kylie Marshall BloggerAbout the Author, Kylie Marshall

Kylie Marshall is a fierce mother of two, dedicated wife, and avid lover of nature. She spends her time gardening, doing yoga with her cat, getting her hands dirty, pondering, and working hard to create a life that is meaningful and authentic. Kylie is graduating this month from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with her Associates Degree in Transformational Mind/Body Psychology, with an emphasis in holistic nutrition and urban farming. Kylie is also the founder of Earthside Coaching, serving Northwest Arkansas and beyond with affordable, meaningful, and pertinent coaching services to empower others to live the life they were destined to, without abandon. You can connect with Earthside Coaching at Earthsidelife.

 "What is Life Coaching?"

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