Life Coach Turns Anger Into a Motivational Tool in Her Own Journey

Posted by Kerry Burki on 1/23/17 10:00 AM

Tami Sharp excels at seeing past people’s stories and emotions, right to the crux of what is going on beneath the surface. For most of her life, she was very good at hitting people’s nerves in order to get them into the healing work. She had a very impactful and ‘no- nonsense’ way of getting into the core of the matter. However, she lacked the skill set to be able to get to these same results through a more gentle, less abrasive way.  “My old way of helping people move forward in their story usually involved some sort of angry falling out where we would go a certain amount of time without speaking.  I had grown used to this process and knew I had done my part when I got a strong backlash response and they needed the time to process. All of the people I encountered in these instances did come back around into my life with a new found awareness and understanding of themselves and confirmed that what I had said was correct. They just weren’t in a place to understand or receive it at that time. If my delivery had been less cut throat, then I am sure their response would have been much more accepting.” 

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Tami knew there had to be a better way, and she set out to find it.  She had a friend give her the title of ‘Life Coach’ many years before she stumbled into the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) Transformational Life Coaching program and she refused to accept the title for a very long time.  Like many others, SWIHA and Tami just happened to find each other at a divine time and the coaching certification classes were her first introduction into the SWIHA family. Two years later, her list of credentials, certifications, knowledge, and experience has grown exponentially and she has become a well-respected holistic entrepreneur in her community.

When asked which tool or worksheet she valued or used the most, Tami’s reply was, “Honestly, the most valuable tool I took from the Life Coaching program was the phrase/question:

Tell me more!

That mixed with learning how to truly sit and hold space from a place of non-judgment and really LISTEN to what the person needs to say, be it a client, friend or random stranger.” She learned that amazing healing instantly begins to happen when a person merely feels heard and if not understood, at least not judged.  

Also, letting the person know that there is nothing wrong, broken or needing fixed in them. That it’s ok. Whatever they feel, whatever they think.  It’s ok and to honor the truth of their emotions with no judgement for themselves or others.  Just accepting that what happened to them sucked, and they are normal for having heavy emotions usually creates a powerful release of shame and guilt and creates space for compassion and healing.

During her time at SWIHA, Tami partnered her life coach training with Clinical Hypnotherapy, along with several other spiritual and energy work modalities. She is fascinated by the subconscious mind and cell memory, and all the energy that is unknowingly kept stored away that affects people on every level. 

The first branch of Tami’s business (no pun intended) has been Unshakable Roots- Heal as you go, Mind, Body, and Soul. “ Where many medical professionals focus a lot of time looking at the symptoms, I take my work beneath the surface.  I redirect my energy from trying to heal a wilting leaf on the tree and go into the root base and ask, ‘What is the cause of the leaf wilting? Where is it stemming from?’ I start my work by addressing the physical symptoms and work my way through the mental, emotional, and spiritual components that are usually out of alignment.”  This style of work is for anyone that is open and receptive to learning more about how their emotions, subconscious mind, intuition, and spiritual components play into their current situations, for better and for worse. This work can include past life regression, spirit attachment/releasement work, subconscious intervention, and the metaphysical realm. 

Tami’s second branch of her business is a passion project that she has been creating called; The F You Point - an Uncensored Look at Boundaries, Self-love, and Worth.  This program is not made for people that are offended easily or are afraid to go into the darkness and shadow side.  “It is for those of us that live or need to live ‘uncensored’.  The program is intended to create a safe space for people to address the rawness of their emotions, no matter how angry, dark, or fire-fueled they may be.  Instead of suppressing, ignoring, or shaming ourselves for feeling these ways, we bring them to the surface and honor them. From there we begin the real work and the purpose behind the program.  I teach people how to transform their ‘F*** You’ into ‘Thank You’ and actually mean it. ” This project has allowed her to combine her skills from her old self with the new and improved version to create powerhouse results. She has been deemed by clients and those who know her as not just a Life Coach, she’s a Fire Coach.  

The third branch of Tami’s business is a collaboration with fellow SWIHA Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist Ena Reinbold.  Together they have created the Full Love Life project.  This is for the softer, more feminine energy side of things from the above mentioned.  “We empower people to remember the importance of self-love, self-care, and living a life they fully love.  We work a lot with dating and relationship based clients, where we work on healing and removing blocks a client may be having with their external relationships as well as the internal relationship they have with themselves.” Though this is a soft hearted, divine feminine energy project, they absolutely love working with men in this capacity as well. They find a lot of relationship healing comes from understanding how the divine feminine plays in more male and females roles. 

For Tami, she says, “Hands down, the ‘Yes, and….’  is the most powerful tool from the Life Coaching program that she uses.  Learning to say, ‘yes and…’, instead of ‘no’ honors and validates the person while subtly offering another perspective. It instantly diffuses confrontation in most cases. 

Tami tells pretty much everyone that they should go through the Life Coaching program if nothing else.  So much soul to soul work is done for the students. In this day and age, there are a lot of expert marketers out there across the board. There are a lot of very wealthy, well-known coaches in this industry yet not everyone runs from the same SWIHA code of ethics. “Some coaches are really just great marketers and once you begin getting to know them, you soon realize they don’t do the work themselves. To be a truly great coach, it’s crucial to show up and do the work yourself. SWIHA’s Transformational Life Coaching program provides all the right tools and support for you to really start peeling back layers of your own onion that you didn’t even know existed, and you come out a truly transformed and healthier being.  It’s powerful work that creates so much clarity in all areas of your personal and professional lives.” 

For the beginning part of Tami’s twenties, her resume showed a strong pattern. Every year around the same time, she began to grow restless in whatever job she had at the time.  She would find herself walking through a certain part of whatever building she was in and asking herself, “Uuuugh, can I see myself walking down this same space for the next 20 years until I retire?”  Some people absolutely love doing the same thing day in, day out. And that is great...for them.  That’s not for Tami. She would quit and start a new job every year during the same week for about 6 years.  “I love change. I love new adventures, experiences and learning new things.  In this field of work...even if I solely stuck to Life Coaching alone with no other modalities used, I would still NEVER have the same day twice! Every person is unique, every story, every issue is different. I don’t just stick to Life Coaching however. I am constantly enhancing my knowledge, learning how to use new tools and modalities. I am constantly in awe of how amazing the human mind, the universe and spirit are. This is purpose driven work and it shows up no matter what I do. This isn’t just what I do. This is who I am.” 

The two most common issues holding people back from reaching their greatest potential that Tami’s sees is ‘not thinking/feeling good enough’ or ‘not thinking/feeling loveable’.   SWIHA, staff and fellow classmates, create a truly sacred space where everyone is loved and supported for exactly who they are in each present moment.  “We are encouraged to show up as our greatest AUTHENTIC expressions and receive the love and support that we are truly needing in those moments. Not every person will resonate with you, the right ones will.  SWIHA has an amazing way of bringing just the right people and energy into your life at just the right time.  I have several teachers that have played pivotal roles in my confidence to step into my true self and show up to best serve others. I have even more amazing friends that have connected with me on a deeper level in a matter of a few classes than I’ve connected with people I’ve known my whole life.   SWIHA allows everyone to drop the facade of who we have been taught we ‘should’ be and creates an environment where we can all just to our deepest parts of our being, relax and just be.  We learn how to look beyond the exterior and see each other on a soul level.  Imagine how different the world would be over night, if we just learned how to all truly see each other.” 

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