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Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 1/24/17 10:00 AM

Karin Gunderson was a harpist with Hospice for eleven years, and people continually shared things with her that they had never shared with anyone else. In Karin's own words (see picture):


I wanted to be able to empower people to live their best life with the time they had left.

Karin has been a life coach for three years, and she feels she attracts those who feel "stuck" in their lives— whether by grief, limiting beliefs, or trauma — when they have a deep desire to move forward in their lives, these types of experiences can be properly managed.  “I specialize in helping people remove stuck emotions and grow spiritually.” Karin’s passion for this work is continually fueled by her client’s satisfaction and excitement, as they witness their own growth.

Her most cherished coaching tool is More or Less. “It is easy for people to grasp. More or Less allows my clients to see that if they get rid of the things they want less of in their lives, they would automatically have more of the things they want. It is very powerful.”  Karin left us with her advice to anyone thinking about becoming a life coach at SWIHA:

 Whether or not a person ever becomes a professional life coach, the life coach training will make you a better family member, employee, entrepreneur, and friend.  It will make you better at dealing with others effectively and kindly, by asking questions rather than pronouncing judgments.

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