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Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 10/29/15 3:31 AM

Kathy Koziol had just received her license as a Real Estate agent prior to enrolling at SWIHA. She did the job for just a single day, and immediately knew that she wanted her life to head in another direction. She was ready to fulfill her Dharma, her life’s purpose that she was Divinely designed for. Kathy had held many careers throughout her life: Elementary School Teacher, Army Officer, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Luxury Automobile Sales Consultant, Master Gardener and Stay at Home Mom (which she referred to as “Domestic Goddess). “I was very satisfied with my life and always have been. I cherish every moment of the life given to me,” shared Kathy. “Every experience I had, positive or negative, helped me to lay the foundation of where I am today.” However, she wasn’t satisfied with the path she was heading down from a career perspective. Enter SWIHA.

Kathy KoziolKathy came to SWIHA to receive certification as an 800 Hour Yoga Therapist with a focus on Yoga Nidra Meditation and Sound Healing. As a former Army Veteran, she was grateful to use her Veteran’s Benefits for the program. As a deeply spiritual person, Kathy was really excited to dive into all the different classes and electives. From the very beginning of her SWIHA journey, Kathy was already clear on one of the ways she wanted to apply her education. “I had a deep yearning to work with Veterans who have PTSD. I have always been a Yogini, so I knew that was the path I wanted to take to help them.”

Kathy’s passion for yoga has been with her throughout all of her adult life. “It has kept me centered, grounded, and connected to the Higher Power. I have been through several traumatic events in my life, and Yoga helped me to stay strong in mind, body & soul.” She went on to share that her husband is a disabled Veteran, and revealed how impactful alternative healing modalities have been for him. “I have seen how Meditation, Sound Healing, and Asana (Yoga postures) have helped him; especially with the PTSD. He receives care at the VA Hospital in Phoenix. Every time we went there, my heart would burst with yearning to help the Veterans who are suffering. That’s where my passion became ignited.” When Kathy was about to become a Real Estate Agent, her husband said that she seemed miserable and asked what her what she would like to be doing with her life. Kathy proclaimed that she wanted to be an instrument of healing, and the rest is history. "As I pursued my certifications, I realized that it’s not just Veterans who are suffering. There are so many people in need of healing! Working with Veterans is still a strong objective of mine, but I’ve been working with people from all walks of life.”

Fast-forward to today, and Kathy has two thriving businesses: Zen Yoga Therapy, LLC and Yoga Momma’s Magical Malas.

After taking the Business of Yoga course at SWIHA, Kathy knew that she needed to formalize what she was doing, in order to better market and sell her Sound Healing Events to studios and prospective clients. Thus, Zen Yoga Therapy, LLC was created. “I wanted to come across as professional and organized,” shared Kathy. “I also wanted to be legitimate with Uncle Sam for tax liability. Having an LLC also protects me from a liability prospective.” As for her Mala business, it all began when she made a Mala for her daughter, who is a professional dancer in Los Angeles. “I go out there on a monthly basis to do Sound Healing Events. She told me to make and bring some Malas with me because “everyone” wanted one. I made 13 Malas and took them with me. They sold like hotcakes. I created and Instagram account and posted pics of the Malas with their new owners, and I was flooded with orders.”

Kathy KoziolWhat was the most challenging part of starting her businesses? “Definitely getting all the paperwork together and submitted to the correct agencies so that I would be legit. Will Zecco, the Entrepreneurial Division Manager, was a tremendous help in this area. It was also challenging getting my website up and running. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s up!”

Once Kathy had a clear picture in her mind of what she wanted to do and presented it to the universe as a reality, doors of opportunity began to open up. “By being present in the moment I am able to recognize those opportunities and act on them.” In terms of marketing herself, Kathy uses email, Facebook, Instagram, and her website. “When I’m out and about, I start a conversation about my businesses and pass out business cards.”


When asked what the most important lesson that she learned at SWIHA was, Kathy shared the following:

  • Be Fearless.
  • Root out all of the things I’ve been carrying around that no longer serve me. Get rid of the junk in my trunk.
  • This will make room for abundance in my life.
  • Be Present in the Moment.
  • My Divine purpose is to be an instrument of healing.
  • It doesn’t matter what people think about me, that’s their journey.
  • Let my Light radiate with Love Energy and don’t let anyone dim that Light.

So what can you expect from a Zen Yoga Therapy session?

Experience the transformational power of Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, and other sound healing tools. Enjoy breath work, body awareness with chakra awakening, and powerful intention setting while hovering in the sweet space just above sleep. The Sound Healing Tools will create an extended state of spontaneous meditation and therapeutic relaxation that allow the movement of life force throughout the body for healing and awaken the consciousness for transformation. Transform your life through powerful Intention Setting using Sacred Jerusalem Stones, Guided Meditation, healing vibrations of Gongs & Crystal Singing Bowls, Reiki, and a Burning Bowl Ceremony.

Her second business is Yoga Momma’s Magical Malas, a retail business where she makes and sells Malas. According to Kathy, “Malas are traditional tools used to count the number of times a mantra is recited or breaths while meditating. It helps to quiet the mind and deepen the meditative state. It is a very common practice among Yogis to chant with a Mala, which is called Japa Mala.” Her Malas are created with very high quality gemstones and other materials. “I chant over each bead as it’s strung. Every Mala is infused with the power of Mantra, Love, Reiki Magic, and the healing vibrational energy of my Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls.” She also does a lot of custom orders, using specific colors and gemstones that resonate with what the customer needs energetically in their life.

Kathy Koziol“I work with the client to create the perfect Mala for their needs. As I create it, I chant mantras specifically for them.”

Kathy does her Sound Healing Events at Yoga Studios and Wellness Centers, and she also rents out a studio space at the Wellness Center in Scottsdale. “I create my Malas at home and sell them through custom orders via email and as a vendor at events.” While Kathy revealed that many of her clients are fellow Yogis, because of word of mouth referrals, she has many people come to her Sound Healing events who are everyday people, from every walk of life who want peace and serenity in their lives. They want to heal mind, body & soul. “I don’t believe that I do the healing,” revealed Kathy. “I consider myself to be a conduit for the Divine. People come to me because my heart is pure and I radiate Love Energy. They know that I’m sincere in my desire to heal them.”

In closing, Kathy shared this highly inspirational message for future or recent SWIHA graduates:

You were put on this earth with a Divine purpose. Take all of the training that you have received at SWIHA and fulfill your destiny. Don’t let Fear stand in your way; it will paralyze you. Take the time every day to sit in stillness and connect to the Higher Power. Begin by expressing gratitude for the abundance already in your life. Let your heart swell with love and compassion. Imagine what you want to achieve and move forward with confidence as though it has already happened. Visualize yourself exactly where you want to be.

Once you define exactly what you want to do, put together a plan of action and timeline for moving forward with your business. Incorporate, have business cards made, and market through Social Media. That will get the ball rolling. SWIHA offers fantastic free resources to assist you in the business end of things. I strongly suggest that you use them. Once the basics are in place, take time every day to groom your business through social media, etc..

Do your best to be Present in every moment. Be conscious of the world around you. By doing so you will be aware of opportunities that present themselves and messages that you were meant to receive. Being Present allows you to adjust your rudder so you can hold the correct course as you move forward toward the desires of your heart. Being Present also helps you to absorb all of the wonders and beauty that life has to offer you. This will bring you peace, contentment, gratitude, and joy. Do you have difficulty quieting the mind so that you can be Present? Start by connecting to your breath. Inhale and exhale in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Breathing in abundance, breathing out fear and any negative thinking that’s standing in your way.

As Buddha says, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Manifest your Destiny!

You can get in touch with Kathy at the following links:

Website: zenyogatherapy4u.com | Instagram: YogaMomma’sMagicalMalas

Anthony BloggerAbout the Author, Anthony Scarpulla

As a recent graduate of the University of Miami with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism, Anthony Scarpulla serves as freelance Creative Copywriter. With a deep yearning to uncover the hidden, spiritual and esoteric realms of life and nature, Anthony aims to incorporate his passion into everything he loves, whether it’s writing poetry, music production and djing, to blogging, editing, and one day soon, healing work!

“You are the universe in disguise as an I.”

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About the Author Anthony Scarpulla

Freelance Creative Copywriter & Blogger.
As a recent graduate of the University of Miami with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism, Anthony Scarpulla serves as freelance Creative Copywriter. With a deep yearning to uncover the hidden, spiritual and esoteric realms of life and nature, Anthony aims to incorporate his passion into everything he loves, whether it’s writing poetry, music production and djing, to blogging, editing, and one day soon, healing work!

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