Trusting Your Intuition

Posted by Dajon Ferrell on 9/22/14 9:10 AM

Dajon Ferrel

Some people call it a ‘gut feeling’ and some call it a little voice. No matter what you refer to it as, we all have the inner knowing our intuition guides us daily. Do you tap into and actually listen though?

The Transformational Life Coaching program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts starts students with the foundation of 12 Guiding Principles. The first principle is:

Deep within us is a knowing

You know the feeling? The one where something just doesn’t feel right? The real gift comes in listening and choosing to act on the answers found within. Sometimes our head can outweigh the feeling or the idea of what we want can lead us to ignoring it. Or maybe you just don’t know whether to trust it or not. This is all just the ego or mind interfering with what is true.

Intuitive Mind

Tapping into truth can get easier with practice though. Envision this thread of inner awareness as a radio channel. You have free will to listen or not. You might need to adjust the knob to hear clearly or sit and be with the channel in order to silence our heady thoughts. Either way, the more you listen, the more clarity comes.

Harnessing the power of your intuition can also benefit your relationships. Imagine taking the time to really tap into what’s behind the gut feeling? By silencing the mind and diving within, you can really look at issues with a free set of eyes. This is something that can improve the communication amongst your family and friends, just by you taking living from your heart space.

For your consideration, what if all choices are made from a place of fear or love? Imagine it being simple. Many fear-based choices are a result of our mind or ego chatter clouding our vision of the truth. Maybe you had a past experience leave behind an imprint of fear around a certain situation? It could be you just don’t want to step out of your comfort zone for fear of the unknown? When making decisions, Sunny Dawn Johnston shared a tip about deciphering what thoughts are fear- or love-based. You can write out a heart and head list. Which thoughts are from your heart and which are from your head.

But, how do we learn to trust our intuition?

Here are some ways you can strengthen your intuitive muscle!

1. Breathe - Take time to breathe and listen when you get the feeling. Acknowledge and embrace it with gratitude.

2. Write - Journaling is a great way to process guidance and messages when they come to you. Try journaling for 5-10 minutes a day.

Trusting the Process3. Flow - Sometimes we have to just let go of the control instinct, go with the flow and find peace in knowing everything happens for a purpose. Trust yourself and realize there is no wrong decision, if it’s made from a place of love. The detours do not define us and each day brings new opportunities our way.

4. Move - Movement can get help us get out of our heads. Whether it’s walk outside and connecting with nature or a great yoga session, find a way to get physical 3-5 times a week.

5. Ask - ...and you shall receive. Simply ask yourself: Is this decision guiding me toward or away from my Divine life purpose?

This list will help you to connect with your intuition, but it all comes back to trusting the Transformational Life Coaching principle of deep within us is a knowing. Go within and you’ll see you truly do have all the answers. Trust and let go!

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (www.SWIHA.edu) offers a 100-hour Transformational Life Coaching program that can be completed residentially or on-line in 3 to 6 months. The program is designed to help individuals discover their gifts and greatness, while preparing them to help other to do the same. Graduates of the Life Coaching program often start their own private coaching business, or excel in their current professional position. For more information go to BeALifeCoach.com (www.BeALifeCoach.com).

Dajon FerrellAbout the Author Dajon Ferrell

A former SWIHA student, Dajon is also a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner with a passion for graphic design. Starting her spiritual journey after being diagnosed with PTSD in the military led Dajon on a mission to help others shine their lights bright through Dajon Smiles based in Minnesota.

You can also find Dajon on the Dajon Smiles Facebook page.

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About the Author Dajon Ferrell

Dajon Ferrell

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