How Inga Tara Heals Relationship Trauma With Mindful Life Coaching

Posted by Zoey Sigmon on 5/19/17 3:37 PM

Inga Tara once felt that she had it all—a beautiful family, financial security, the freedom to spend her time traveling abroad. And yet there was still something undeniably missing. “I was feeling dissatisfaction in my career, disconnect inside me, and a lack of inner peace,” she remembers. After participating in a full-body detox program in 2009, Inga finally found something that resonated powerfully with her: a love of nutrition. This shift is what Inga considers a major point of self-mastery and a significant first step in the journey to her divine purpose.


Inga-Tara-SWIHA-Great-Graduate2.jpgYears later in 2014, with an empty nest and a husband at work, Inga knew it was the perfect time to pursue her interests more actively. “I felt that that was a good time to go back to spiritual practices that I used to do for years (and made me feel happy and complete) and work on my creativity, self-actualization, and giving back to people.” Still, reconnecting to self through spiritual practice was not filling the void that Inga felt within her. She yearned to formalize her knowledge of holistic healing to bring happiness and well-being to others. She began to seek out schools and programs and decided to enroll at SWIHA soon after discovering it on an online search.

Inga achieved her goals and completed SWIHA’s Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Program with certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Nutritional Coaching (all with perfect marks!). Enamored by what she was absorbing, she even extended herself a bit further to squeeze in classes on Reiki and Polarity to obtain certificates in both. Immersing herself in these paths of study, Inga became clear on a profound and poignant lesson: “During my time at SWIHA, I learned that if you want to help and heal other people, first you need to heal yourself. You can’t be a good practitioner unless you practice what you preach, and that is why continuous self-work is so important and necessary for your growth personally and professionally. For me, it is a journey of self-discovery and self-love and becoming mindful in understanding who you are and what you want.”

Since graduating from SWIHA, Inga has utilized her new holistic healing and life coaching skills to build an incredible practice as a Mindful Healthy Relationship coach, serving women who have suffered from emotionally abusive or damaging relationships. She assists these women in learning to be able to “tap into their potential within to find a deep sense of inner peace, self-love, and well-being" with the aim that they will be able to use "deep spiritual healing to transform their emotional trauma into successful, long-lasting, loving, and abundant relationships.

Inga-Tara-SWIHA-Great-Graduate1.jpgRooted in a love of sciences and psychological study, sessions with Inga incorporate a host of healing modalities including intuitive mindful coaching, psychology, guided imagery, meditations, regression therapy (including Past Life Regression), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, emotional freedom techniques, subconscious intervention, and nutritional coaching. Inga combines these techniques to help clients discover the catalyzing factors behind the troubled aspects of their life and relationships; by guiding her clients deep inside themselves to address and release past traumas, Inga helps change the mind’s operating processes and plant the seeds for a more positive experience of the present. These shifts consequently help her clients attract an improved, more peaceful new reality that they otherwise may not have thought possible for themselves without her guidance and support.


This work is quite personal to Inga, as she can relate intimately to the experiences and suffering of her clients. “After three long, unhappy relationships, I decided to look within for solutions, answers, and self-healing. I worked on my relationship with myself by practicing mindfulness and meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, and nutritional habits. Taking care of my mind, body, and spirit allowed me to manifest my own mindful relationship, and I have been happily married for more than nine years. I believe that if I was able to fill my life with love, harmony, happiness, and feelings of support and connectedness in my own happy marriage, that every woman can do the same... and I would like to help them with it!”

Inga-Tara-SWIHA-Great-Graduate3.jpgThough she brought together both personal and academic experiences to formulate her offerings and approach, Inga credits much of her success as a practitioner to SWIHA and the guidance of instructors like Elmas Vincent, Kathy Shimpock, and Linda Bennett. “I love learning and my SWIHA experience opened the door to many new possible learning opportunities for me in holistic fields of study. I am eager to learn more techniques and expand my knowledge even more.” Inga shared that the education and experience she received at SWIHA allowed her to rediscover lost parts of herself as she worked from the inside out to heal personally in order to facilitate healing for others in impactful ways. 

When asked that words of wisdom she would like to impart upon new healing arts practitioners and SWIHA students, she had quite a lot of valuable insights to share: “Be smart and study business and marketing– you will need it to run your business. It gets more fun, and the financial benefits will make it worth it once everything is running. Don’t wait until you feel you are an expert in your field to start practicing. Include all your education into your practice— what you studied throughout your life, what you learned while traveling or learned through your various relationships, everything you have learned from all your life experiences. This will make you a unique and valuable practitioner. And always remind yourself of how people are desperate to hear your words and receive your help. We have something important to share, so don’t be shy or falsely modest.

If you would like to connect with Inga, you can visit her website or reach out via social media at Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.

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