Healing Footstep to Footstep – #SWIHA Graduate Releases Book – April 25, 2017

Posted by KC Miller on 4/7/17 12:16 PM

Brianna-Bedigian-SWIHA-Great-Graduate1.jpgShe is excited! We are excited! And the world will soon be excited for one of SWIHA’s #GreatGraduates, Brianna Bedigian.  She is releasing her first book this next week.  It’s entitled Healing Footstep to Footstep.

Brianna is a highly trained and gifted healer, and a graduate of the SWIHA Hypnotherapy program.  After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Brianna dug deep to create and undergo her own healing process, and chronicled it through journaling and photography. After her recovery, and years of optimum health, Brianna looked back and reflected on the narrative that unfolded.  One step at a time, footstep to footstep, her healing occurred over time. Brianna realized her recorded journal entries can now serve as an abstract primer-of-sorts for others suffering from any type of illness.

As an author, artist, teacher and healer, Brianna utilizes her personal journey, years of formal training and her personal practice to guide students and clients locally, nationally and even remotely. Brianna explains, “The reality is that healing begins one step at a time, often slowly and with acceptance of the self.”

Brianna-Bedigian-SWIHA-Great-Graduate2b.jpgHer new book, penned over 11 years, uses storytelling, recipes, yoga lessons and meditation exercises to take the reader on a journey of Self, where all healing begins. Her invitation is this: “So take a moment, quiet yourself, breathe deep, turn the pages of this beautiful book and enter the world of the ‘Old Woman and the Girl’ where all healing is possible.”

When I had chronic fatigue many people suggested I journal. What I found though, when I wrote out the story in my mind was that my thoughts were in a negative pattern and basically what I wrote was different versions of: “I am so sick. I am so sick.”

With that realization my journal practice shifted to that of storytelling.  I bought a special book and created a story of healing between an Old wise Woman and a Girl. I wrote it all by hand over a period of several months. It was years after my healing before I was able to look at it.

If you are curious to know exactly what Brianna is referring to with this metaphor – buy her book, which will be released April 25, 2017, available through Amazon.

Brianna shared this about her journey, "During the second year of my illness, I was living in Maine and realized that I couldn’t possibly face another dark and cold winter. Because I love the SW and one of my best girlfriends was there I decided to relocate to Arizona. I chose an apartment on the Internet and inadvertently moved myself across the street from SWIHA.  Several days after I arrived I went over to see what it was all about and if they had ever heard of this thing called: “Reiki”. Which of course they had – a training began the next day and I was in it. Although I was a Yoga Instructor at that point, that two-day workshop completely shifted the direction of my life’s work. I went on to study Hypnosis, with Linda Bennett at SWIHA as well. I actively use Yoga, Reiki and Hypnosis in my work now and have incredibly fortunate in my career."

Each recipe, instruction and story in Healing Footstep to Footstep can be used separately or in conjunction to create a full picture of health and healing. As a healer, Brianna not only chronicles her own journey to healing, she strives to aid others in achieving a state of centeredness, calm and good health through the mosaic of healing arts modalities she offers.

Brianna is a recognized expert in her fields of yoga, Reiki and hypnosis and has taught for various universities, foundations, museums and many, many yoga studios through the country.  Above all else, she believes we all have the ability to heal ourselves.  

William Rollow, M.D., with the Center for Integrative Medicine, part of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, wrote this about Brianna’s book: Although each path is different, some footsteps are common: intention, acceptance of responsibility, turning toward the eternal, practice, support, doubt and darkness and pain and fear. Brianna knows how we heal.”

Brianna-Bedigian-SWIHA-Great-Graduate3b.jpgWhen people choose to work with Brianna she develops a step-by-step healing plan for them that often includes Healing Hypnosis’, yoga, and Reiki.

It should be noted that the hypnosis she offers isn’t your ordinary hypnosis. ‘Healing hypnosis’, as Brianna has come to brand it, allows people to rid themselves of beliefs that no longer serve them, ridding them of long-held fears and gives them a step-by-step way to transcend emotional pain. Brianna’s hypnotic work invites people to challenge thoughts of negative self-esteem, release outmoded habits, and change negative beliefs forever, often in a single session. Brianna explains to her clients, “The difference between hypnotic and your regular waking states is what your brain waves are doing. In a Healing Hypnosis session, you’re in control of your faculties the entire time; hypnosis gives you the ability to move out of your own way and open up to change. It allows you to heal and rejuvenate yourself!”

Her Reiki sessions are healing as well, allowing those she works with to completely release, relax, and enter a state where several intensely energetic shifts can happen, if the person is ready and willing.  From Brianna’s viewpoint, Reiki is a deeply healing and spiritual practice that is 100% safe, totally natural with no side effects, which is why Brianna worked with clinicians at the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Department of Integrative Medicine. Over the years Brianna has instructed hundreds of Reiki trainees and has a deep knowledge of this energetic practice.

Brianna-Bedigian-SWIHA-Great-Graduate4b.jpgThe ancient practice yoga, when used as a part of the healing plan, is completely tailored to the needs of the individual, to bring peace of mind and presence to their lives.  Brianna says of yoga, Yoga is, for me, about finding my way back to my center! Its silence, stillness and quieting poses allowed me to continue processing, even complicated emotion.  Yoga allows me a way to heal!”  It is from this deep understanding that she assists her client to do the same.

One of the reasons it has been so important to write, publish (through Beech Hill Publishing) and now release her book, is her understanding that healing is the process.  Brianna explains, “When you work with a physician, you’re often given a prescription. You may find that if you only use half of your prescription and discard the rest, you experience a ‘relapse’ or ‘secondary infection.’ Healing work is the same way – consistency is important!”  Rather than ‘relapse’ in a healing journey, it is Brianna’s vision and prayer that people will use what she has to offer in her book as a guide map.

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For a very compelling look at what Brianna Bedigian is offering, take three minutes to watch her Vimeo message: https://vimeo.com/channels/904693/125059554

To purchase a copy of her book, go to: https://www.amazon.com/Healing-Footstep-Brianna-Bedigian/dp/0997693746

For more information about Brianna go to her website: http://briannabedigian.com/ or connect via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Brianna-Bedigian/570075291

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