Getting Motivated on Mondays!

Posted by KC Miller on 11/10/14 1:00 AM

By KC Miller

Getting Motivated on Mondays!

Monday has a little bit of a bad rap! Often you will hear someone say: T.G.I.F (Thank Goodness It’s Friday); rarely, however, do you hear, “T.G.I.M! I’m over-the-moon-excited it’s Monday!”

Let’s face it – If you are going to begrudge Mondays you have a lot of complaining ahead of you because, hopefully, you have a lot of Mondays in front of you.

So, what’s the answer? F.I.T.Y.M.I – which means ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’ – is one possible solution.

While being fake isn’t’ really the message, the use of acronyms or mnemonicscan be a powerful way to remember to adjust your attitude as you face the week.

The word ‘mnemonic’ comes from Greek mythology; there was goddess names Mnemosyne, dubbed ‘the Goddess of Memory’ whose claim to fame was sleeping with the Greek god Zeus and conceiving nine children. The children, all daughters, were known as the muses, or creative nymphs, personifying the arts, especially literature, healing, dance and music. A mnemonic for muse could be:Getting Motivated on Mondays!

  • M. - Many
  • U. - Use
  • S. - Special
  • E. - Educational
  • S. - Systems to remember all the important things they want to learn and retain.

Ancient Greeks believed there were two kinds of memory: the "natural" memory and the "programmed" memory. The first kind of memory is inborn, automatic and done without thinking. In contrast, programmed memory, has developed through the learning and practicing of a variety of mnemonic techniques consciously used to improve memory and motivation.


From ancient time, a catchy-easy-to-remember word or phrase that can be stored into your long-term memory making memorization and commitment to achievement an easier task has been used to secure one’s success.

Mnemonics-In-MusicOver the years there have been some very effective mnemonic formulas. If you have ever studies music chances are you have learned the musical notes by learning: E, G, B, D, F by repeating the rhyme ‘Every Good Boy Does Fine’. The acronym for the notes on the spaces is F.A.C.E.

In the Holistic Nutrition program at SWIHA, both on-campus and on-line, the two mnemonic acronyms we often use are CRAP and SOUL. While the word ‘CRAP’ seems a little unrefined, the message is clear. People are hungry for change. The fact that the acronym for the Standard American Diet spells SAD may be no coincidence either. The typical American diet is about 50% carbohydrate and 35% fat, which is over heathy dietary guidelines. Statistics suggest that over a million people start a new diet every Monday

As we think about Mondays, consider the mnemonic: DO MONDAYS!Getting Motivated on Mondays!

  • D. - Dear
  • O. - One
  • M. - Move
  • O. - Out
  • N. - Now
  • D. - Do
  • A. - All
  • Y. - You
  • S. - Should

The first two letters in the DO MONDAYS formula serves as a double entendre.

The first is obvious: On Monday, just DO! As much as a part of us may want to just ‘BE’ on Monday morning (aka Be lazy; Be slow to get up; Be depressed, etc.) Mondays are a time to DO!

The second part of the dualist entendre are the individual letters of DO representing ‘Dear One’, a well-used salutation within the SWIHA culture, connoting endearment, as well as a deep sacred respect. When the term ’Dear One’ is used there is an unspoken implication the person being addressed is precious in the sight of the Divine, thus an obvious reverence is required.

Imagine how the world would change if everyone began to address one another as ‘Dear One’? Just the thought of it seems to create a calm, even on a hectic Monday.

Let’s look closely at the MONDAY mnemonic:


The affirmation for Monday is MOVE! Move it! Get moving! Move mountains before noon! Action is the intention! The polarity of the situation is that to ‘not’ move is to procrastinate, to settle for less, to get stuck in non-action. DO MONDAYS is about movin’ on up in the world.

C.R.A.P.-S.O.U.L. Getting Motivated on Mondays!OUT

Get out of bed! Get out of your own way! Get out of the box! Get out of your comfort zone! Just get out! Meet people! DO things! Hit the ball out of the ballpark. Get out of town, figuratively and literally, if travel serves your divine purpose. To stay in bed or to stay stuck in a rut will accomplish nothing.


The power is in the NOW! If not NOW, when? It’s NOW, or risk it being never. The real time is NOW! DO whatever is on your heart and mind NOW. Diving timing will always prevail; one must take some action to determine what the NOW of the divine plan is. Eckhart Tolle, author of the best-selling book, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenmentsaid it this way:“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”


Just DO it!


Og Mandino quoteYou can have it ALL! While a well-known verse in Proverbs says: All things come to those who wait, the author of the passage wasn’t encouraging procrastination, rather tenacity in pursuing your desires and goals. Og Mandino, author of bestselling book The Greatest Salesman in the World, which sold over 50 million copies, taught that we must do ALL things with love. Mr. Mandino was the president of Success Unlimited, a magazine dedicated to helping people all around the world to embrace their life work and be ALL they can be. He firmly believed that ALL successful people improve their own lives by ‘charting’ or consciously choosing both the desired destination and the path to reach it. Throughout his motivation books (of which there are over 20 books) his used a wide variety of mnemonics, the most famous of which he called ‘Scrolls’. While we won’t take the time to share all the wisdom of the ‘Scrolls’ he writes about, it might be worth you time to check them out. Below is a link to a PDF outlining some important motivational thoughts.



There is no one other than YOU who can get out of bed, move out of YOUR comfort zone, choose YOUR course of action and DO whatever YOU are being called to DO! It’s all about YOU!


While many of us do not like the word ‘should’, for this particular acronyms the word ‘should’ is used to suggest that YOU are the one who has the greatest sense of what needs to be done. No one else can really prescribe for you what you should do . . . rather YOU, especially on a MONDAY, YOU are the designer of your destiny! Should you choose to use our DO MONDAY mnemonic we believe you can be one step closer to discovering your gifts and taking them into the world in a loving a profitable way.

Any day is a great day to begin taking classes at SWIHA. We are an open entry – open exit college meaning you can start when you are ready, take your classes at the pace that is right for you. We have students graduating every day from a wide variety of our programs. You can take a single class for personal development; you can take a series of classes to complete a Certificate of Excellence in 20 different areas; you can complete a diploma or degree designed to help you serve in the world in a loving and profitable way. SWIHA is a national accredited college; Title IV Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify for our diploma or degree program, both on-campus and on-line.

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KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts celebrating its 29th year anniversary of helping people to discover their Gifts and Graces. Over the years KC has received many designations and won numerous awards. While these are milestones in life worth celebrating, her greatest joy and accomplishment, in her mind, is that her 'Life Light' has been used to help illuminate others 'light' and life purpose! Her personal life motto has become the healing model for SWIHA ~ Let me be an instrument in the peace and healing of others as we seek to touch lives, heal bodies and free souls!

KC Miller

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