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Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 1/11/17 10:00 AM

Kimberlie Faybik experienced a lot of difficulties in a short period of time: she battled cancer, lost her mother and grandmother within months of each other, and separated from her children's father. “I reached out for help because I felt lost. I was blessed to have many people care for me, however, one friend in particular happened to be a SWIHA graduate. She told me about the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program, and I'm forever grateful for her guidance.” It was there where she learned how to love herself, how to forgive herself, and (in her own words), “how to be more understanding of my journey and honor the journey of others', as well.”

Kimberlie especially values the guidance that the SWIHA staff provided her, both during her time at school and post-graduation as well. “I know I can call or email a question any time and someone will respond quickly with answers. It's a great feeling knowing that each student and graduate are recognized as individuals and truly cared for.”


Kimberlie’s clients come from all walks of life, yet most often, she helps people who are going through stressful situations. In her own words, they are “people who are looking to find balance in their lives and/or ready to make positive changes.” Her favorite coaching tool to use with her clients? “I love the Values Sorter. It's such a simple way to narrow down a topic to start with, and for my clients to focus on what matters most to them.”

Every coach has a beloved quote that they use to ignite their clients, and Kimberlie’s go to mantra is "Trust your path”.  “If you ask for guidance, the Universe will answer, but you have to listen." She also finds herself telling her clients to "Follow their bliss!”

When asked what motivates her to continue to help people thrive, Kimberlie had this to share:

I love helping people.  I am passionate about making a deep connection with my clients, giving them the tools and encouragement to find their way and watching them transform before my very eyes. It’s a humbling feeling to know you've helped someone truly find themselves. When my clients send me messages saying how great they feel and how well they're doing, my heart is happy and full!

Kimberlie’s advice to a future Life Coach student involves a complete paradigm shift regarding how they will view both the world at large, and themselves. “You can't help but make meaningful changes within yourself while you're learning to help others do so. It's an eye-opening program that will leave you truly transformed!”

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