Flower Essences: How to Get Started – Guest Post by Alise Holland

Posted by Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland on 3/28/16 3:00 AM


As a recent Great Graduate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), I was a bit nervous about getting my first client for a flower essence session. It all started when a client learned about my services online and wanted a spiritual reading. As the reading began to unfold, Spirit shared some spiritual visions and insights that wowed the client. It was very clear that she was a ‘Lightworker’ who had gotten out of touch with her true spiritual self. I asked her if she had ever heard of flower essence and she said “no, however, I’m open and willing to try them.” It was the perfect opportunity to explain what flower essence was and how it worked. Therefore, I mailed her flower essence brochure to share with her all about flower essence, how it worked, and the type of flower essence services we offered at our healing center.

It turned out that the client wanted to work on energizing her first and second chakras, improving her intuition and dreams, and moving forward with goals. Spirit directed me to select the appropriate flower essences to work with the client.

Below are the flower essences that we worked with for her first 30-day cycle:

Poppy: Ignites intuition and awareness of dreams, and clears any addiction and drug abuse.
Hibiscus: Energizes first and second chakras.
Larkspur: Moves goals forward and initiates progress with projects and life healing that needs a boost.


Hibiscus-flowerAfter placing the order for the client, we began working on addressing other concerns through spirit-directed Life Coaching. Things progressed well, and the client provided updates on things that were happening. I also learned that the client had made a conscious decision to get attuned to Reiki as well. After the 30-day cycle, the client reported that people were relying on her leadership, and she was able to follow her intuition more and make progress with her goals.

We check in with each other at least once a month, and it is amazing to hear that many changes are happening. The client reported that some emotional issues are coming up and need to be cleared. It is a clear indication that the flower essences are working for her and that a second round may be necessary, I am monitoring her progress.

The flower essence course I took in my online holistic practitioner program certainly prepared me for working with my first flower essence client from consultation to the case evaluation.

During the flower essence intake consultation, I asked if the client would be interested in participating in a case study to be submitted to the Flower Essence Society Research Program. Luckily, the client agreed. We are now in the process of preparing her case evaluation to be submitted to the Flower Essence Society Research Program.

Larkspur-flowerI share this real-world professional experience because it is a good example of how Spirit led me to introduce flower essence to a client who wanted my services for a spiritual reading. So, if you want to get started with flower essence, my advice is focus on what you specialize in for your practice and let Spirit guide you on how to introduce flower essence to your clients. In addition, when the Spirit guides you, or the client happens to inquire about flower essence, do not be afraid to share your knowledge about it.

*If you want to learn more about Flower Essences, take a look at our on campus and online class options plus more at www.swiha.edu.*

Alise HollandAbout the Author, Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland

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Minister Alise is an Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, published Author, Researcher, and Academic Coach. She is the founder and creator of Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center, a not-for-profit, where she coaches with professional and entrepreneurial individuals to help them become their best selves and create the lives that they desire. She is a Great Graduate of the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts. She travels the world helping others turn their knowledge into a brand by creating passive income and sharing her message: You are Loved, You are Valued, and You are Competent. Keep in touch with Alise: alise@alisehealingcenter.com - www.alisehealingcenter.comFacebook.

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About the Author Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland

Dr. Alicia “Alise” Holland

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