Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 8/29/16 2:25 PM

Swiha_ravynn.jpgForbes.com posted an article in 2011 that a new Gallup survey shows that 71% of employees hate their job. I’ve heard myself quote before, “So many Americans hate their work; why don’t they do something about it? I cannot be stagnant for long. If I’m unhappy, I zero in on the problem and implement change. I am a problem solver.”  Two years later, Forbes posted another article on why two million Americans quit their jobs every month, according to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. These are the top reasons:

  • They don’t like their boss.
  • There is a lack of self-empowerment.
  • They don’t the like the drama of internal politics.
  • There is a lack of recognition.


The traditional “American way” that is pushed on our eighteen-year old high school graduates, is to go to college and get a four year degree. While this is a good plan for the idea of financial security for their future, there is a fundamental flaw: dependency on the assumption that you know what you really want to do in life as a teenager. All of a sudden, you’re in your late 20’s or 30’s, dreading Monday morning, hating the commute, or worse, the work you actually do once you’re there. I also say that, “There is a misconception that once you hit a certain age, changing careers is impossible.” If you frequently fight the urge of thinking, “I don’t want to go to work”, take a look at the following characteristics and see if you resonate with the entrepreneurial message!

  • I am comfortable making long term commitments.
  • I am comfortable taking risks.
  • I don’t stress out that easily.
  • I fluctuate easily to changing circumstances.
  • I love working with groups of people, even if we differ in ideas.
  • I keep my promises and value my word.
  • I can adapt to unexpected surprises with ease.
  • I am not overly frugal with spending money on what is necessary.
  • If something isn’t working, I am proactive and try a new approach.

Swiha_Ravynn-1.jpgThese are strong qualities that make you the perfect candidate for starting your own business in any genre.  However, if helping people is your other passion, then the wellness industry may be calling you. At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), we offer a multitude of certificates, diplomas, and AOS degrees to place you in a rewarding field where you want to go to work, you look forward to meeting and helping your clients, and where you could experience your own transformational journey which can change your life forever. Yet the real prize may be the fact that you could finally be your own boss, make your own hours, choose your team for a collective center, live where you want to and can’t get laid off, and your income is limited only by your creativity and willingness to work. Those are some great benefits.

Do you have what it takes?


It is safe to say that many people have thoughts that limit their potential. “I’m too old to start a new career.” “I’ve never owned my own business before; I can’t do it.” “Even if I were to follow my passion in yoga or massage, who is going to come see me, a newbie?” While these are valid questions within the human experience, what if you knew the real question to ask is, “Why can’t I?” What if I told you, “You can!”? When you are drawn to serving others in a healthy and healing way, it 100% means you have a gift to offer. Finding exactly what that is, is up to you. Consider these things:

  • Are you self-motivated?
  • You are comfortable calling the shots.
  • You understand when to be competitive and when to be agreeable.
  • You are good with deadlines/punctuality.
  • You know when to stand firm and when to negotiate.
  • After conflict, you let go of the past and look forward.
  • You are innovative with ideas, yet can appreciate tradition.
  • You’re not afraid to work hard and try different approaches.

The Money

To start a restaurant or marketing firm can require a hefty down payment. Going back to school to gain the qualifications in a new career takes time and money, yet often has the option of financial aid. A good rule of thumb, is to have enough money saved, or access to it, for the first year, should you make a strong transition into a new field. If you do not have the luxury of savings or other financial options, could it be possible to stay in your current position until you finish school or find the job you really want? Don’t be hasty; look at all your options by making a list.

Rule #1: Get Clear On What You Really Want.

Have you even asked yourself lately what it is that would make you most happy? Forget money, inhibitions, the “how-would-I’s”, and the opinions of others. Write it down: maybe it’s one thing or five! Look at number one; stop at nothing to reach that goal. If you hit roadblock after roadblock in the facilitation of that “want”, re-evaluate. Is it what you really want or what you think/been told what you need to do? If it is in alignment with your true self, consider a different approach. If you need support in this area or you do not know what you want, a Life Coach or Life Coaching program can give you the clarity you need to obtain these goals, the happiness, and/or the inner peace we all, as humans, truly want. So,

Rule #2: Put In 100% to Achieve What You Really Want.

Rule #3: If You Hit a Roadblock, Don’t Give Up! Just Try A Different Approach.

Rule #4: Put in 100% to Achieve It.

It’s Never Too Late


Whether you have $100,000 in school loans or are 60 years old, these are just facts; they do not define who you are. You deserve to be happy! You also deserve to love what you do; this isn’t selfish. You cannot expect overnight success, but success is yours with effort, planning, and the right attitude and vision. Being a successful entrepreneur starts with an idea you are passionate about and ends when you decide it’s time. While there is risk involved with any business venture, if you start with researching your location, your clientele or the community in which you hope to offer your services, marketing, technological resources (social media, ie), you are building the foundation to creating the life you want. Sometimes getting money requires you to be creative or humble: maybe you have to go back to your roots and bartend on the weekends to bring in more money. If you are at a riper age in life, you have something youngsters do not: experience and connections. Use them. Be ok with asking for help. Be humble and be positive! Maybe the most important thing is to get advice from a career counselor or a person your respect in the field in which you wish to endeavor. You may be pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to help and the capacity at which the hope you succeed!

Love yourself enough to believe!

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