Conscious Comedy: Egos Are Like Farts

Posted by Stevieanne Petitt on 11/7/16 8:52 AM

Egos. We all have them. In fact, egos have become a subject that more and more new-thought leaders and spiritual teachers are focusing in on – inviting us to separate from, transcend above, and live without. A personal fan of introspective, spiritual work myself, I can appreciate the works of Eckhart Tolle, Debbie Ford, and many others who have helped me observe the ego in me that swings like a pendulum between inferiority and superiority. The ego, as suggested in many works, is perceived as our “identity” – I’ve found it much easier to observe and even adjust when I label it as an “activity”! Though there are numerous ways to define and understand ego, why not add humor to such humbling practices?


Hence, my comparisons of egos to farts. A crass and comical way to observe the ego head-on from a place of neutrality and even lightheartedness. When we see our egos as more of an “activity” taking place within these “God pods” we are scooting around in, we invite in observation and inquiry versus self-judgment and criticism. Egos, much like farts, are simply a part of the human experience.

StevieAnn-Petitt-SWIHA-Motivational-speaker1.jpgThis new idea of “conscious” living is far more than just being mentally “here” – it is about being spiritually “present” and mindful of how we show up and express ourselves in each fleeting moment, cognizant of how to speak to those around us, as well as, internally to yourself. Awareness around one’s ego is the quickest way to experience enlightenment, because as the observer of the ego, we immediately realize that we are separate from the activity taking place in our heads. Call it soul, spirit, higher-Self. Whatever you call it, it is this unexplainable, undeniable essence that clearly is observing the activity called “ego” taking place.

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To make this practice of mindfulness easier to “digest”, here are a few brief theories that will help you identify the activity of ego within you and others, allowing you to experience enlightenment every time you practice this art of observation alone.  No different than the sometimes abrupt and offensive activity of farting, egos share a very similar M.O.:

  • We all have them and it’s easier to tolerate our own than others.
  • We have our own unique brand - some "digest” information or experiences better than others. Some environments can be extremely offensive and upset those who are highly-sensitive to specific topics.
  • Clearing the air can be difficult after either is "aired", typically putting a significant distance between us and our loved ones/friends/fellow beings.
  • Both are known to cause a set of rosy cheeks - only with ego they are topside. Expressing either can cause embarrassment - for both parties.
  • They both share the ‘Silent But Deadly’ expression! C'mon, we know that ‘stinkin’-thinkin’’ internal dialogue we all have that we are "better than another" or "not good enough". Both can be toxic and held back when not able to express them in a safe space.
  • Often, those who express either are quick to blame, not to claim. All too often we point out and laugh at others for their abrupt explosions of fury or flatulence, rarely do we acknowledge openly and humbly in the times that we have done the same, "It was me.”
  • ... Just hot air. You know, those moments when you think there's solid proof of someone's incompetence, yet really our perceptions of them are proven completely inaccurate. Sometimes, whether it’s an ego or a fart, it expresses as nothing more than hot air.
  • Sharting is possible with both. Ever had one of those moments, when you swear you have self-control and you won't explode, however you just can’t take it any longer and you get diarrhea... of the mouth (always a mess to clean up). This happens often when we have held back our opinions, rather than sharing them over time, then wind up expressing it all in an explosive rant.

Pam-Grout-Endorsed-StevieAnne.jpgLetting both go creates inner peace. As human beings we are meant to express. It is human nature. Both activities of farting and ego chatter are necessary to fully experience this thing we call “life”. 

The invitation here is to consider filtering before we fire. This act of observing the ego and allowing discernment before discharge is deemed “Conscious Cropdusting” and may just be the answer to world peace.

Here’s to expressing ourselves through many unique forms in a loving and less-offensive way, creating an environment that is less-toxic and more tolerable for all humankind.

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About the Author Stevieanne Petitt

A current SWIHA student, StevieAnne is a published author and public speaker who uses comedic workshops to “Lighten up Enlightenment” – helping others find humor in their human experience and to allow us to relate with one another through laughter. Her love of humor and authentic dialogue is what earned her the position as Branding Strategist at Social Ally. There, she creates social media content that entertains, educates and engages audiences while displaying an authentic brand voice and presence for each of her clients. More of her professional blogs can be found at SocialAlly Blog

Stevieanne Petitt

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