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Posted by KC Miller on 3/31/17 9:42 AM

Over the past 15 years, Melissa Kim Corter, a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, has extensively studied many facets of intuition, including science, metaphysics, and various energetic practices. As part of her diploma program at SWIHA her completed various specialties – Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra and Transformational Yoga Coaching to name just a few.

Melissa-Kim-Corter-SWIHA-Great-Graduate1.jpgOn her journey she has mentored and worked with shamans, metaphysicians, psychics, and even law enforcement to hone and perfect her own gifts of intuition. Now stepping into her power, Melissa has launched a successful business as an author, psychic medium/coach and shamanic practitioner, weaving the world of spirit into her daily life and taking that gift out into the world to share it with others.

It is through the sharing of these gifts, Melissa has taught others how to drop-in deeply, to connect to that place where their inner spirit speaks to them. To bring forth insight, information and physical and emotional healing to those she touches. While her path has been filled with many obstacles and challenges Melissa has chosen to turn these into opportunities and possibilities. She now uses sensitivity and compassion as a gift instead of seeing it as a burden as she once had.

Melissa believes every one of us has the gift of intuition and can access it when we align ourselves, trust our own processes, and take inspired action on the guidance.  She often asks of those she meets, Are you ready to listen to the call of your spirit?”

As a spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher Melissa has discovered the power of helping others reclaim the truth of who they are -- a divine spiritual being in a body.

And as a professional photographer, yet another one of her many talents, she believes deeply that everyone is a reflection of each other….”We see in others what we want to see, or are not wanting to see. You have a choice in being authentic -- you can follow your heart, or copy someone else who is following their heart.”

Melissa-Kim-Corter-SWIHA-Great-Graduate2.jpgIt has become her intention to see everyone to the eyes and lens of love….which has also unfolded her own journey of learning how to love herself. Candidly Melissa confides: “I know what it feels like to stay in the shadows and hide, I lived in that place for many years and it still finds its way into my life when I veer off my path. I have learned that it is safe to be seen and not only is it safe, it is necessary. There are people in this world that need you to show up, trust in that -- it is what your spirit has been calling you towards” Ever so softly Melissa whispers, “I help people release their fear of being seen!’

The camera is just one of the tools Melissa uses to see the world, the soul of her clients, and her own authentic spirit. Her skills as an intuitive guide deepened every time she picked up her camera, and she soon realized how much her art was a healing modality, just as is her coaching, hypnotherapy, and writing.


Melissa shares, “I have embraced my ‘intuitive sensitivity’! In fact, I love it now, as it is one of the things that helps create transformation and manifestations for my clients and students. I may not always know how I ‘know’ – I just know that by choosing to trust the nudges of my spirit and I am honored to help you do the same.”

After a couple of years in the field, perfecting what she learned as SWIHA, combined with her other gifts and past experience, Melissa was given the opportunity to help develop one of the colleges’ newest offering.

Melissa passionately reports, “When I was asked to develop the Intuitive Guide Certificate of Excellence, I wanted it to be more than a certificate. The intention is for it to be a gateway into your own Spirit -- an expansion into a “life of service” in ways you may not yet believe possible. Each of us has the ability to hold sacred space for another human being, to listen to our spiritual nudges; allowing the power of our words and actions to uplift others.

My hope and expectation for everyone is to go into this course with an open heart, and dive in deep to truly show up for yourself. It takes practice and discipline to really develop and understand your intuitive abilities. You will receive support, guidance, and assistance from me….and most importantly, your own Spirit; once you make the commitment to yourself to be present and 100% focused. Join me for an amazing and fun journey of discovery and connection!”

Melissa-Kim-Corter-SWIHA-Great-Graduate3.jpgAs a final note from Melissa, she offers this: “When you hone your intuition and allow spirit to co-create with you, your life transforms in miraculous and magical ways.  You begin to trust, release fear, and serve a higher purpose. My intention, by co-creating with SWIHA the Intuitive Guide Certificate of Excellence,  is to help each of you recognize the gifts you already hold, and to remember the truth of who you really are…..a divine soul with the unlimited potential to create anything your heart desires. 

It is important that we open up, and trust in divine intelligence, to create opportunities for a much more expanded experience to unfold for our highest good. It also emphasizes the importance of intuition as a skill and way of life, inviting us to see how intuition is natural and within all beings, diminishing the myth or limiting belief that there are only a few “special” individuals, or lucky ones who possess intuitive abilities.

My hope and expectation for everyone is to go into this course with an open heart, and dive in deep to truly show up for yourself. It takes practice and discipline to really develop and understand your intuitive abilities, and you will receive support, guidance and assistance from me….and most importantly your own spirit once you make the commitment to yourself to be present and 100% focused!”

For more information on the 100-Hour Intuitive Guide Certificate of Excellence please email Taylor Jablonowski by email taylorj@swiha.edu

Become an Intuitive Guide

To connect with Melissa, her website is: http://melissacorter.com/

Her Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/melissa.corter

Her Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/melissacorter/


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KC Miller is the founder of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts celebrating its 25th year anniversary of helping people to discover their Gifts and Graces. Over the years KC has received many designations and won numerous awards. While these are milestones in life worth celebrating, her greatest joy and accomplishment, in her mind, is that her 'Life Light' has been used to help illuminate others 'light' and life purpose! Her personal life motto has become the healing model for SWIHA ~ Let me be an instrument in the peace and healing of others as we seek to touch lives, heal bodies and free souls!

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