Be Your Own Life Coach: Sarah Whiton Discusses the Power of Journaling

Posted by KC Miller on 1/11/18 8:00 AM

Sarah Whiton has been writing in a journal since she was about eight years old. As a child, she remembers having diaries with a lock and key, thick volumes in which she hid away her secrets, her heartbreaks, and all her big dreams. Sarah kept a journal through the rough times in her life, the transitions, and the big changes; she wrote through her fears and recorded the achievements of countless goals. Before she had a life coach—or ever became a life coach—a journal played a powerful and important role in her life. It gave her the ability to look within, to be honest with herself, and to fully understand one of the primary principles of life coaching:  we already have the answers within.

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Sarah is now a Life Coach and a certified personal trainer who is passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to cultivate self-acceptance, awareness, personal peace, and happiness in the pages of their journal. In her very straightforward way, Sarah shares, “While it’s great to work directly with a Life Coach, your journal is the next best thing! I consider journaling self-coaching!”

Just recently, Sarah launched a new web-publication entitled Be Your Own Life Coach With the Help of Your Journal.” Consider these brief notes from her motivational self-published booklet:

  1. Get a journal! Use the pages as a space to write, remember, reflect, draw, and work.
  2. Find a peaceful space and time that you can write, free from distractions.
  3. Take a few deep breaths, let go of the distractions of the day, and quiet your mind.
  4. Be still, be focused, be here now!
  5. Write freely! (Sarah’s coaching note: Journaling works when you allow yourself to be completely unedited.)
  6. Don’t think too much or worry about what someone else might think. (Sarah’s coaching note: No one will see what you write unless you show them!)
  7. Let this be a process! (Sarah’s coaching note: Sometimes you must work through many layers to find what it is your heart and your intuition have to say!)

Sarah also offers an important and encouraging postscript which is this: “We have ALL the answers within!” To get a full copy of Sarah’s publication, which has much more valuable information about how to self-coach through journaling, click here!

It was from her own personal journey with self-acceptance, developing a positive body image, and coming to terms with her self-image that motivated Sarah to become a life coach herself. “I had to accept who I was on the inside before I could ever accept who I was on the outside,” she reflects. “My personal experience inspires my message, as well as my additional work in the health and fitness industry. As a personal trainer, I focus on body positivity, acceptance, and health at any size, and my message and intention translate into both passions!”

Sarah shares that helping others is rewarding work. She beams when she reveals, “Helping others help themselves is truly fulfilling work! I feel so inspired after every coaching session, and I love that I get to meet the greatest people! An added bonus is the challenge and learning opportunities that come with building your own business.”

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Building her own business is something Sarah has done especially well, and it’s clear that she is a role model for those seeking to construct their own holistic practice. When asked about the role that journaling plays in the services she offers, Sarah enthusiastically said this: “I am passionate about the power of journaling! I send out weekly journaling prompts to my email subscribers (sign up on my website!), and session follow-up inquiries to my clients. I think a lot of the power of coaching occurs outside the session, and staying in touch is so important.”

She further explains to her website’s subscribers: “Keep an eye on your inbox for weekly journaling prompts and self-coaching exercises from yours truly! I’m all about offering encouragement in all things body positivity, self-awareness, and self-love!”

Some of the Self-Coaching Journaling Prompts she offers people to start the new year are:

  • What is my focus for 2018?
  • What outcome is that focus directed towards?
  • What keeps my focus?
  • What distracts my focus?
  • What proof do I have that I can achieve my goals?
  • What do I believe I am capable of achieving?
  • Who supports my goals?
  • How will my life improve when I achieve this goal?
  • How will my life change in pursuit of this goal?

“A journal is a gateway to that place of inner knowing,” Sarah summarizes. “It is a space to reflect, plan, strategize, unleash your creativity, and break through the surface of your life. Use it to bring clarity to tough situations, navigate life changes, let go of stress, and conquer your goals. Your journal is one of the most powerful tools you have to deepen self-awareness, build self-acceptance, and live your life from a place of truth and authenticity.”

Her greatest challenge to everyone she meets for the next year is simple: “Begin a journaling practice to discover what’s within. Self-coach yourself into your best year yet!”

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