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Posted by Kerry Burki on 12/23/16 1:28 PM

Reine Matthews was diagnosed with Lyme disease four years ago and decided to treat it naturally. Having felt and seen firsthand how taking the natural holistic route really worked and helped inspired her to share it with others so they, too, can find health and wellness inside and out. “I researched holistic schools online and found Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) and it just felt like a perfect fit for what I wanted to do and learn.” She went on to study Mind- Body Transformational Psychology specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Urban Farming, and Life Coaching.

Reine-SWIHA-Great-Graduate.jpgThe time spent at SWIHA was considered very valuable to Reine. She truly felt that it was not only a learning experience, yet it was also a transformational experience, one that offered her an opportunity to grow within herself. “That was the greatest gift of all.”

When reflecting back on how her passion for her studies developed, she realized that the thing that really did it for her was when she finally decided to add the spiritual aspect to all that she was doing. “That was when it all ‘clicked’ and felt right. My passions grew as I learned more and applied more of it to my daily life and made it possible for me to be able to say this is what worked for me and why.”

Currently Reine has a business, Be Well, Be Happy Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She is a health and spiritual guidance coach. “I help others learn and grow while applying the principles of holistic living so they may begin to live a holistic lifestyle that is healthy and fulfilling.”

Having Lyme disease has caused Reine to be physically unable to work full-time anymore, and she wanted to create a business for herself that would be financially profitable, as well as less hard on her physically. She also needed it to be something she could work at part time and not over exert herself in the process. Therefore she felt that having her own business would be the best way to have that. “Presently I work out of my home. I will, however, meet clients in person in town at the library or otherwise online through Skype or Google+ Hangouts.”

Here is a current list of services that Reine offers her clients:

Health Coaching – coaching around eating, diet, physical movement, weight release, or help with current health concerns.

Spiritual Guidance Coaching – coaching for those who want to connect with the Divine, for those who want to create a personal spiritual path for themselves; coaching around prayer, meditation, grounding, and connecting with nature and spirit.

Full Holistic Living Coaching – Coaching for those who want to switch over to a holistic way of living and being: includes both health coaching, spiritual guidance, and more.

Reine-SWIHA-Great-Graduate1.jpgDuring an average client session Reine says that, “A client who meets with me would experience a warm, inviting person who will listen and allow their voice to be heard. I am someone who is there for them and supportive of their hopes, dreams, and ultimate goals. I am an encourager and supporter who asks powerful questions to help them figure out their next steps. Finally, I am someone who will hold their hand through the transitional process and guide them to their end result, whatever that may be for them.”

Right now, people come to Reine because they want to do things naturally. They are likely tired of the traditional medical ways of doing things and want to get away from pharmaceuticals and chemicals. “People come to me who want to do things holistically, they want to know what it means to lead a holistic life and learn how to apply it to their own lives. They know they want something better for themselves than what they are currently getting and come to me to guide them through it. Those who want to have a spiritual connection while living holistically will also be drawn to my work. Or those who currently don't have a spiritual path and are wanting to learn more about it so they may create one for themselves.” She has a testimonial from one client that she wanted to share in the client’s own words about their experience in working with her –

“Reine is a wonderful coach and mentor. She has a gentle, compassionate, empathic approach when coaching, allowing you to come to your own conclusions with her guidance through your own thoughts. She comes with a holistic approach seeing the “big picture” and the connection between the body, mind, and soul, encouraging you to your fullest life in every aspect, using modern techniques to promote openness and sharing.” – Karmen

Reine went on to say that she enjoyed working with Karmen immensely, and she had many ‘ah-ha’ moments as they worked together which helped her to make choices and actions that better created her life.

Reine-SWIHA-Great-Graduate2.jpgSocial media and word of mouth are the two tools that are helping build Reine’s business. When it comes to starting her business she feels that the hardest part for her is building clientele and getting clients. She does struggle with that and still doesn't know how to approach it sometimes. The easiest part, however, is knowing what she wants to do with her business and how she wants to bring it to the world. She has two book publications that she will be starting in January. Once those books are finished and published, they will also help market her business and her work. “I have a couple of online coaching programs I plan to create as well, that will be available specifically online, and I will be promoting those very soon.” She also wants to do finish the rest of the Spiritual Studies program at SWIHA so she can get a certificate in that as well, since she did take a few of the spiritual classes as part of her degree program. “I know that is a huge part of what I am meant to do.”

It feels amazing and empowering.” That is how Reine describes being able to use her SWIHA education in her business. “It is such a blessing to be able to take my education and share it with others. To help open them up to new possibilities and expand their minds... It truly is a beautiful experience.”

Reine’s message for SWIHA students and graduates looking to follow in her footsteps:

“If you even have some small inkling to attend SWIHA, just do it. You will not regret it. It will be one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. If any of the programs they offer appeal to you then you are in the right place, and I say go for it. You will thank me later.”

When asked how her SWIHA education has changed her perspective of self or altered her course for the future she replied, “Well I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for myself and all of mankind. It has altered my future by giving me access to the knowledge and tools I wanted in order to have a future.”

Lastly, Reine wanted say that her education at SWIHA has been the best thing for her and she is so grateful for everyone who was a part of it, including the instructors, as well as her fellow classmates. “I love you all and thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow with you.”

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