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Heather K FF all aspects

The ‘earth’ without art is just ‘eh’ . . .

. . . according to Holistic Wellness Practitioner Heather Krompacky, who works in the town of Talkeetna, Alaska, at the base of North America’s tallest mountain, the magnificent Denali.

Imagine . . .

. . . entering a room for a holistic session with a new practitioner, someone you have never worked with before. There are colorful candles burning, the light is low due to the salt lamps placed strategically around the room. Soft music is playing and a lovely, aromatic fragrance is wafting through the air. You begin your session with your practitioner; maybe you experience hypnotherapy, nutritional coaching, or aromatherapy, all as an aspect of a holistic life coaching session with a competent and caring practitioner. You feel a sense of comfort due to the open and honest space from which the ‘Change Artist Extraordinaire’, as the practitioner is known, works. At the end of the session, you are offered a soul-coaching card, to provide continued insight and affirmation.

Wow! Mind-heart-soul expanding, right!

Yes, the above is a small example of what a session would be like with Heather Krompacky, owner of Sunshine Wellness, a dual business -- part wellness center, part organic health food store. The wellness center is housed above Sunshine Organics, her organic health food store, located at the confluence of three Alaskan rivers, the Susitna, Chulitna and Talkeetna.

Sunshine Organics

Heather’s journey to the base of one of the country’s biggest mountains began at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona. As a student of spirituality, nutrition and healing for two decades, Heather found SWIHA in her search to explore all aspect of health. She enrolled in SWIHA’s Holistic Wellness Practitioner online diploma program, which she found to be transformational on a personal level, and well as a preparatory time where she developed coaching skills, how to work with clients, and how to create a business plan that could be turned in a profitable holistic wellness business.

Once Heather graduated, she was ready to launch her holistic wellness business.

“When I decided to open my health food store, I really wanted to offer all aspects of holistic health services, to better serve my community,” Heather reflects. “SWIHA offered me such a wide variety of ways to discover my gifts and fully develop the best ways for me to serve in the world.”

Many aspects of health are available

Heather offers many different modalities and serves as a part of her personal wellness practice, including hypnotherapy, nutritional coaching, life coaching and aromatherapy. Her motivation for starting Sunshine Wellness and Sunshine Organics was due to the fact that living in a rural community like Talkeetna, Alaska there is limited access to organic food and holistic care.

“I wanted to create a place of positive, healing energy where health and wellness were more readily available,”

Heather passionately and affirmatively states!

Heather’s clients and customers travel from surrounding areas within her community to take advantage of her holistic services and to purchase organic foods. She knows that one of the best forms of marketing is self-promotion. “The more I promote my Sunshine Holistic Wellness practice, the more I meet potential clients!” Heather affirms.

Heather K FF Most of Heather’s clients come to her because they are looking to make some kind of change within themselves or their lives. She loves to help each client set their own intention for what they want to manifest within their lives, and receives nothing but positive feedback. “One common theme from many of my clients is they came to me wanting to make a change within one aspect or behavior in their life, and what they find is they end up becoming more aware, more grateful, and create more positive changes in all areas of their lives,” she explains.

Heather credits her time with SWIHA for instilling her with a sense of self-empowerment. “My SWIHA education filled the gaps of doubt within me with the inner knowledge that I am on my intended path of positive intention,” she reflects wisely.

Working with clients on a daily basis is something that warms Heather’s heart immensely. “It fills me with joy to be able to be an instrument of peace and healing for others!” Heather exclaims.

To learn more about Heather and her business, visit her website or follow Sunshine Organics on Facebook.

The next start date for SWIHA’s online programs in February 23rd; deadline to enroll is February 16th. For more information about SWIHA’s online programs or to enroll in an online course or program, call 480-994-9244 or go to SWIHA's website.

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