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Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 12/30/16 6:18 PM

Amanda Goe’s journey to SWIHA all began as the main health education teacher at Desert Vista High School. “I was asked to brainstorm a course I would be comfortable teaching in addition to Health, and I was immediately drawn to the idea of a yoga class.” The first year it got put into the course catalog, she had three sections of about 45 students each. “I wanted the best education possible to be the best teacher I could be--that's when I found SWIHA and SOY.”

Amanda-Goe-Swiha-Great-Graduate-Yoga1.jpgAmanda earned her YTT200 in 2012, and just recently finished her YTT 500, with an additional 100 hours of Traditional Japanese Reiki. “I'm now also a Reiki Master Teacher, and teach a Reiki unit in my advanced Yoga 3-4 and 5-6 courses.” Of all the things she learned while at SWIHA, Amanda shared that gaining a deep understanding of Yogic Philosophy was the most valuable to her. “Learning how to still my mind, incorporating the eight limbs of yoga into my daily life has transformed me, and helped me through the two most challenging situations in my life.”

She continues to spread her love of yoga at Desert Vista High School, where she teaches many types of yoga to kids of all ages. “I teach one section of Advanced Yoga (3-4 and 5-6, counts as elective credit) which in addition to practicing advanced poses and studying more philosophy and culture, teaches our self contained special education students and preschoolers, and four sections of Yoga for Fitness (Yoga 1-2 for P.E. credit).”

She went on to say how practicing yoga on and off the mat has made an incredible difference in her life, and in the lives of her students. “I feel beyond blessed to facilitate positive growth for my students as well. The feedback I get from my students is crazy rewarding, and whatever I can do to cultivate love- love for one another, love for the planet, the environment, all living beings...I believe it is my purpose.”

Amanda-Goe-Swiha-Great-Graduate-Yoga2.jpgAmanda also offers free staff yoga when she can, and additionally, she sponsors the Karma Yoga Club, which runs the schools No Impact Week. “No Impact Week is an annual celebration of sustainability education,” shared Amanda. “Our goal is to help our community understand what is happening to our planet due to our poor choices, and offer simple ways we can work to help heal it.”

In addition to teaching at the high school, she also teaches private and semi- private lessons. Specifically, she offers the following types of yoga classes: Pranayama, Guided Meditation, Progressive Relaxation, Hatha Yoga (options to incorporate small hand weights), Raja Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Gong Yoga, as well as additional cardio (track work outs) and strengthening and conditioning days. 

Her clients range from high school students, to preschoolers, faculty and staff, athletes, as well as anyone wanting private practice. “I believe students are drawn to the class or people are drawn to me for different reasons, but whatever they are, I do my best to help them grow through yoga. As for individuals seeking private lessons, I like to discuss goals first, and then design practices to help people meet their goals.”

In terms of marketing her business, Amanda shared how she has been very fortunate, in that interest has continued to increase since she started the yoga program at Desert Vista. “My first year I had 3 sections, and this year we have 7 sections. I do my best to grow in some way every year, so that I can offer more to my students.” Students who enjoy the class promote it by telling their friends and younger siblings. Amanda also created several "Mind, Body, and Thunder Spirit" episode to be aired on their school announcements. “It taught three basic breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. I'm hoping to reach more students through this series as well.”


Amanda left the following message for any current SWIHA students that are looking to follow in her footsteps: “Follow your heart and intuition! Being able to serve others and promote positivity in your own authentic way is a great gift, and we can never have too much of that!” 

Lastly, she beamed with appreciation of all that SWIHA gave her. “I can't think of a way SWIHA hasn't altered my perspective and course for the future... yogic philosophy and literature continue to help me see how to become the best version of myself, I'm continuously learning more from teaching and practicing self study.”

You can keep up with Amanda on Instagram @ananda_goe 

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