A Spiritual Life Coach Creates A Hirable Community of Holistic Healing

Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 1/12/17 10:00 AM

About five years ago, Jonathan Siesel was struggling as a new resident of Arizona. He moved out here to be closer to his mom and to create a new life. His mom was actually working at SWIHA at the time, so naturally, he found himself roaming the campus quite a bit. Jonathan recounts his magical story of how he began his transformational SWIHA journey with us below:

One day, K.C. Miller saw me hanging out and approached me and said, "I See You." On the spot, she offered me an opportunity to take the Life Coaching program, and help me become the person we both knew I could become. Gratefully and humbly, I accepted her offer, and chose to take the Life Coaching program as my first class at SWIHA.


Jonathan has been coaching for almost five years now, with clientele from all spectrums and walks of life. “It’s such an honor to be of service to humanity and help people help themselves to reach their highest selves,” he shared. Jonathan considers himself to be a Spiritual Life coach. “I gravitate towards the mental-emotional body work by reorienting the astral body to better heal the mental, emotional and physical body.” He most commonly attracts clients who are just coming into seeking spirituality. He went on to say that he is “a light worker who helps others transition into their truth, their light, and then take them beyond that, further into the light.”

His favorite tools to utilize during his coaching sessions are worksheets called More or Less and The Wheel of Life.The Wheel of Life helps to identify core issues, helping to identify what stands out the most as a priority for clients.”

So what would Jonathan share with a potential Life Coaching student, regarding what they can expect to experience within the program? “I would tell them that the program is amazing, and it allows you to go as deep into yourself as you choose. I chose to go deep into every opportunity to heal and it completely up-leveled and transformed my life in ways I could not have imagined prior.” He went on to share how it’s a safe place to transform and be held in unconditional love, create new long lasting bonds, and transform lives, starting with the self. “It’s a perfect place to make new friends and family and learn about unknown aspects of self.”

Jonathan remains fueled by this work by watching the transformation that people allow themselves to go through. “It’s a beautiful thing to help others help themselves. To see people transcend into a higher frequency of operating in their lives and gain success (whatever that looks like), is priceless.” He also enjoys witnessing his clients ‘Ah-ja!’ moments, and their ripple effects. “I like seeing people step into their new found power and claim their destiny.”

Lastly, Jonathan expresses the many ways in which SWIHA has helped and empowered him, including providing him with the backbone to create Bambukah, a local community of driven, holistic healers. “It gave me the strength to overcome all of my inner work and build ‘Bambukah: The Community of Holistic Healing’, which is a place where any SWIHA student can come to hone their skills and have a safe place of like-minded people to help them structure their business and give them a platform to be successful with their specialties.”

Bambukah is also partnered with SWIHA/SOY, and they hold two student/graduate led events per month at Spirit of Yoga, on Saturday’s from 2-4 pm. “The goal is to help drive traffic to their campuses and to give thanks for all they have provided for myself and our community. Without SWIHA, I would not be where I am today, and I appreciate everyone beyond words who has helped me on my journey.”

Jonathan left us with quote by the widely loved SWIHA instructor Richard Seaman. “Anything after the word ‘but’ is an excuse.”

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