A Cancer Survivor Takes Her Life Coaching Out Into The World

Posted by Anthony Scarpulla on 1/3/17 8:34 AM

On June 8th, 2011, Helen Hurry was diagnosed with Stage-3 breast cancer. It was advanced and aggressive. “I experienced a bi-lateral mastectomy, chemo, radiation, a full hysterectomy, and numerous reconstructive surgeries. All of this spanned over a three-year time period.” After this grueling process, she began to look into holistic modalities and energy work, both of which eventually helped her to heal. “Once my personal battle was coming to an end,” shared Helen, “…I decided that the world needed these modalities. I enrolled at SWIHA and it completely changed my life.”


Helen recounted how her tribe at SWIHA was incredibly supportive and loving. “When I started there, I just ended my personal battle, and I learned to shift my personal story from one of powerlessness, to one that is powerful.”  She also learned that you can be the victim of a situation or the conqueror just by choosing your outlook. At SWIHA, Helen found people whom she felt connected to on a very real, but basic level. “If I need them, they are there. If they need me, I am there."

I found unconditional love and relationships that I know will be with me for the rest of my life, and beyond.

Helen’s clientele tends to be those who are seeking empowerment, especially those who are overcoming life-changing diseases. “My passion is in working with the cancer community, along with others experiencing or recovering from illness. Illnesses, like cancer, can make a person feel helpless, hopeless, and fearful. I work with these clients to help them regain what they may feel they have lost.” Her preferred tool to work with is The Wheel. “It gives a real illustration of where a client is in their transition. The client can monitor their progression by comparing the wheel during each session.”

Helen was eager to share that anyone coming into the Life Coaching program should expect to do the work on themselves first, before taking it out into the world and helping others. “The gratification of shedding baggage is liberating, and once they have completed the program, they can provide that same gratification and empowerment to others. This is what fuels me.”

Helen left us with her two favorite quotes that she gathered along her SWIHA journey:

P.S.S.T. (Please Stop Stinkin’ Thinkin’)

Just because you have the right to say or do something does not mean it is the right thing to say or do.

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