3 Essential Oils For Back To School

Posted by Kerry Burki on 9/6/16 9:18 AM

It is back-to-school time all around the country, and we want to share a couple essential oil blends that will help make the school year a success! If you’ve never experimented with aromatherapy before, not to worry! It’s easy and we’ll help you find the things you need at the bottom of this blog! Remember, you can reap the rewards of a healing plant through ingesting it or smelling the aroma. Just be sure the way you choose is safe, and the plant form your decide on is meant for the way you’re using it. Some oil is topical only, while other plant material can be made into oil, brewed for tea, or just picked and inhaled! 

Motivated Mornings: 

lemon-lavender.jpgLemon or any citrus oil is wonderful to diffuse in the morning to put a little pep in your step and a smile on your face. It is known for helping reduce mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and tension. It is perfect for the morning because it refreshes the mind by creating a positive mindset and removing negative emotions. You can also rub the oil on your hands and inhale for a quick pick me up.  

Combine it with peppermint for even more stimulation or combine it with lavender for a more calming effect. 

Study Time: 

Rosemary is great for memory and it is also great for mental clarity. You can diffuse this while doing your studying or rub it on your hands and inhale the aroma before you start. Combining it with peppermint in form of tea, can increase the benefits as well. 

It is also a known "stress-buster" so keep breathing it in! Inhaling both rosemary and lavender can also significantly reduce anxiety so if you are nervous about a test or presentation carry these two around together. 

Get Good Sleep: 

brighten_room_and_your_mind.jpgThe best way to succeed in school is to take proper care of yourself with a good night’s sleep. Lavender and chamomile are a great combo, since they are both known for their ability to improve sleep and help with insomnia. At your local grocer, you can find a tea already pre-blended and packaged called Lavender-Chamomile! It is also helps with migrainesheadachesdepression, nervous tension, and emotional stress. You can diffuse it on your nightstand or rub some on your hands, cup your face, and inhale. Then rub your hands on your pillow, temples, wrists, and the bottom of your feet bring calming effects to your entire mind, muscles, and nervous system. 

Not everyone is a fan of lavender so consider inhaling or diffusing chamomile or bergamot, both known to have calming effects and aiding with falling asleep or interrupted sleep. 

calm_mind.jpgFor those of you interested in learning more about the power and application of aromatherapy, consider taking one of our many classes in Aromatherapy or furthering your knowledge by enrolling in one of our larger degree or diploma programs so you can discover ways to combine the healing benefits of aromatherapy with other modalities that you are drawn to. 

Since it is always back-to-school time here at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts because our courses and programs are offered on-campus and online, year round. We can always find a use for these oils and so can you. We keep bottles of scented water we make “in-house” in all of our yoga classrooms.

If you have never experienced aromatherapy, we encourage you to take a look at some of our oils in The Healing Pages bookstore on our main campus. Once you find a couple you like, add them to water in a spray or squirt bottle and keep it in your bedroom, car, or purse. See if you notice a shift in your mind over the next week two. We hope you enjoy incorporating these aromas into your life and your school experience! 

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