2nd Annual Red, White, & Blue Friday 2016 Takes Place At Swiha

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 11/18/16 1:24 PM


The IMDHA, or International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association, has a local chapter at SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), where they meet monthly and discuss different hypnosis techniques and ways to expand their profession as hypnotherapists. One evening in 2015, the group was viewing a video, “Free the Mind”. It was discussing meditation, mindfulness, and PTSD. As they watched, we got into a great discussion on how hypnosis could be so beneficial for those struggling with PTSD, and they knew they wanted to do something more for the community. The question of the night became, “How do we get the word out?”  Hypnotherapy Program Director, Linda Bennett reflected, “In traditional SWIHA fashion, we asked, ‘Imagine if….???’” And thus, the idea for an event took shape. Members of the chapter worked together to bring about the event last November, and this year they are gearing up to do the same.

The day after Thanksgiving in 2015, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts opened its doors to all Veterans and their families, to come and experience integrative therapies and how they could benefit the Veterans. We offered various workshops and a room of exhibitors who had services to share with all who came. Knowing they had a lot to offer, and considering that those who suffer from PTSD are not going to be hitting the malls to shop, the IMDHA members decided to offer this alternative, and as a result, they were able to witness transformation in the participants at the event, and that is ultimately what made it a success!

One of the best things about SWIHA is that we really know how to “hold space”, and by gently meeting our attendees where they were and offering them the opportunity to be ministered to, was an incredible place to be. We had Vets who walked in the door very cautious and by the end of their day they were smiling and grateful for what they experienced.


So why not do it again? We are!

Red, White, and Blue FRIDAY is going to be Friday, November 25th, from 1 pm to 5 pm at SWIHA. There will be complimentary massage and opportunities to experience therapies that help PTSD. You will be able to meet local businesses that support Veterans, try mini-therapy sessions, enter to win door prizes, enjoy food and refreshments, take informational workshops, meet vendors and therapists, and receive support in finding holistic help for you or your loved one’s needs. This is a complimentary event, and we are very excited to be hosting year number two!

There is also a Veteran’s Book Drive! It is our goal to collect 1000 books to offer to Veterans and their family members.

Join Us at the Veterans Holistic Event

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