10 Signs That Indicate YOU are An Empath - by SWIHA Graduate Laura Wilkinson

Posted by Laura Wilkinson on 3/13/16 11:00 PM

10 Signs That Indicate YOU Are An Empath
  • You are highly sensitive to the emotions of other people.
  • You have the ability to feel the energies of people, places and objects.
  • You experience feelings of anxiousness associated with social situations.
  • You experience general feelings of anxiousness.
  • You experience general feelings of sadness.
  • Being around negative people is overwhelming or unbearable for you.
  • You experience exhaustion, or feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted after being around certain people.
  • You frequently experience heightened senses or feelings of sensory overload.
  • Your emotions and thoughts are easily influenced by music, tv and/or movies.
  • You feel things that you just can’t explain and which you can’t pinpoint the source of where it comes from.

The number one skill to becoming an Empath Master is: to first know yourself. This might sound like an obvious answer to an obvious problem, after all how can you know the difference between what feelings come from “out there” and what feelings come from yourself, if you don’t first know yourself?

Tuning in and balancing the solar plexus chakra is essential to stepping into your own personal power, especially as an Empath and healer. Because Empaths are so open to the universal energy field, they tend to keep highly active third eye and crown chakras which can cause feelings of anxiety and flightiness. Without maintaining practices to ground, filter, and balance their energies a lot of amateur empaths feel frequent emotional ups and downs.

Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for Empaths to have been past substance abusers. For many people, taking a deeper look within themselves can be even more uncomfortable than being a sponge of other people’s energy. As highly sensitive people, many Empaths are wounded healers who have in the past felt experiences so deeply, that it might have seemed like a better option to not feel anything at all.

Yarrow Flower EssenceNumbing the pain or dulling the emotions might have been a learned habit of the past. But now, as you are growing in your spiritual awakening; it’s time to call it as it is. Toss out the life tools that aren’t contributing to your growth and begin re-programming your mind-body for successful transformation. It’s time to feel your life.

Several times each and every day check in with yourself. Using a scale of 1-10, assess how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Take an extra note of why you might be feeling the way that you do. Pay attention and examine if there is an obvious reason for you to be feeling that way. Is that your own energy or someone else’s?

There are a ton of resources and tools to support you as you begin to practice and hone your Empath skills. Practicing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions while the tapping itself calms down your parasympathetic nervous system. EFT is especially helpful during times when your upper chakras are overactive and you begin experiencing those feelings of anxiety.

Being that Empaths are highly sensitive to energy, flower essences are excellent homeopathic remedies for Empaths to use because they are energetically effective but don’t dull your ability to respond to life in a healthy manner. In particular Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, and Golden Yarrow are all very beneficial flower essences which help create the healthy boundaries between Empaths and the energies belonging to other people, places or things.

Laura WilkinsonAbout the Author, Laura Wilkinson

Laura Wilkinson is a Transformational Life Coach for Lightworkers and Empaths. She graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and specializes in Flower Essences Consultations, Life Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and healing with Reiki. The majority of her practices are internet based at TheWilkinsonEffect.com. Her business model focuses on creating a sacred space where healers can commit to applying self-awareness, stress management and healthy living techniques in order to release toxic relationships, let go of unhealthy habits and learn to balance their personal and professional lives. Laura offers inspiration, compassion and support to others as they practice to become truly miraculous healers. Website | Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

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