Self-Life Coaching: From Harvest to Hibernate

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 9/12/16 10:17 AM

As Arizonans, most of us don’t have the luxury of a four-season year.  In fact, I am convinced we only have three seasons, Hot-Hotter-Hottest! We’re winding down from the scorching summer and will be transitioning into, what most of us call, the most beautiful time of year. It reminds me of the holiday lyric, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” How lucky are we, to have the most wonderful time and the most beautiful time, of year, at the same time!

Energetically, some of us are in alignment with the farming season. Maybe you feel like you’ve spent all summer working diligently, making changes, letting go of negative patterns or people you no longer align with. Even if you were able to spend all summer goofing off and you didn’t work on one introspective task, this is absolutely ok! However, on some level you are also in transition, making small shifts to get ready for the winter. At a molecular and soul level, your Being is preparing, even if the brain and ego are in auto-pilot.

There are so many tools out there, especially on the internet, that are uplifting and supportive for every personality out there. Grouped together below my top three favorite bloggers who share priceless insight for people of all ages, professions, gender, and interests! Maybe you are in need of receiving some extra encouragement, a laugh, or maybe you would simply enjoy some fresh information to keep you going through this time of transition and change! Remember, no one can support you as good as you!

Motivational Bloggers



Leo Babauta (  ZenHabits.net or   @zen_habits)

Leo is known or writing about habits, or rather the need to change or release bad habits. He also supports the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle and how one may achieve this. Learn ways to quit about habit, instill a good one, and how to let go of the label, “addict”.






Penelope Trunk (  penelopetrunk.com or   @penelopetrunk)

Penelope is known for her successful start-ups and has been featured on CNN. She is an “all-things-professional guru” and writes for the business man or woman! She shares great insight on life  from a life coaching perspective and even has one-on-one coaching.





Lori Deschene (  tinybuddha.com or   @tinybuddha)

Lori also speaks from the heart and with a life coaching flair. She assists in examining mindfulness, to beating depression, or motivate you with inspiring quotes! She offers wisdom in self-analysis while promoting a freedom from analyzing in an unhealthy way.




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