Embracing the Power of Life Coaching

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 1/15/17 9:38 AM

When asked what led Caroline Zeller to SWIHA’s Life Coaching program, she responded, “I started at SWIHA wth Reiki to help myself recover from a stroke.  As attended, I heard about life coaching.  I knew I was meant to be there.   I always wanted to professionally help others, but didn't subscribe to the mainstream counselling model.  The rest was history.  Now, after coaching for a year, it has inspired me to obtain my Wellness Practitioner diploma, then my AOS in Transformational Psychology.”

Every coach has a favorite tool, and like many others she mentioned the Wheel of Balance. She feels that it gives her a clear and concise map into where her client is and where they want/need to go. However, she also loves the practice of “story busting”, which she learned from the “genius”Richard Seaman: “While all clients don't live in their stories, many do tend to get caught up in the past and carry it with them.  This tool is beautiful when it pulls the client out of the middle of their situation, allowing them to look at it in a different, unemotional way.” She has found that she often works with clients suffering from PTSD, ADHD, divorce, and grief recovery, stress management, and those trying to move past a trauma.Caroline-zeller-Life-coach-SWIHA.jpg

We all have favorite quotes around here, and this is Bella’s, “That's a thought!” She explains that everyone has thoughts, and it is when we take on other’s people’s opinions that we are deterred away from our own. On the flip side of that, sometimes our own innate thoughts have conditioned us to think a way that does not honor ourselves, uplift us, or really help in any given way. She also loves the acronym for FEAR:

Fear Everything And Run    OR    Face Everything And Rise!

If you ran into Bella in the SWIHA hallway, she’d have this to say, “Embrace the process and dance in the mystery of discovering your gifts and graces! Go through class the first time, learn the process and tools, and grow.  Later, audit the class.  When I audited there was a different perspective.   I was able to really focus on the practitioner’s approaches and skills.   The first time I, of course learned, but I was also heavy in my own process.”

She also keeps her passion fueled by her client’s moments in the “Ah-ha” or seeing them harness their power for the first time. To see their goals and aspirations met by the inventiveness of this work, is pure joy and elation. Bella is gracious to SWIHA for all the school’s support:

“SWIHA has been amazing.  Staff, teachers, and fellow students support each other in an ego-less process.  They held space for my processing, made themselves available via text, email, or phone if I was struggling.  Then, when achieved, they recognized my gifts, acknowledged them, and encouraged me to continue exploring more.” 

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