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Hello, my name is Megan Wolf. I recently earned my Master's Degree in the Art Museum and Gallery Studies program at the University of Leicester, and I currently reside in London, England. I love exploring arts and culture as a result. I have a few years of chronic illness under my belt, and I have spent many years exploring the potential that both Eastern and Western medicine have had to offer me. I have also suffered from Celiac Disease for the past 10 years, and as a result I have become quite adventurous with my food choices! I am happy to explore any and every option for health and wellness out there, especially considering I have not found my own ultimate treatment for my ailments just yet.

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Spring Cleaning: Change Your Diet with the Seasons!

Posted by Megan Wolf on 3/12/18 2:00 PM

With our entry into March, we can officially mark the end of the cold and bitter winter. The time has come for spring! The air will gradually begin to warm, your wardrobe will start to change over to lighter and more vibrant clothing, and soon you will feel a little extra pep in your step when you take a wander outside.

So, what’s the best way to help with this transition? It all starts from within. Regardless of your diet plan, you are sure to have sampled a few holiday delicacies here and there, maybe as a little treat or to warm yourself up. Springtime is the season to leave behind the heavy and warming meals you ate in the winter in favor of lighter fare!

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