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Alexandra Comeaux is a Writer and Editor for SWIHA’s Department of Online Education. She holds an MFA in Poetry and a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University. When she’s not writing and creating content, her interests include self-development, biohacking, and filmmaking

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Meet Energy Healer, Massage Therapist, & Inspiring Activist Ann Cabano

Posted by Alexandra Comeaux on 5/17/17 7:36 PM

When you hear SWIHA Instructor Ann Cabano’s story, it’s hard to imagine that the path she has walked has been carved by anything other than destiny.

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Topics: Reiki master, massage therapist, energy healer

5 Reasons to Start Using Energy Healing in Your Massage Practice

Posted by Alexandra Comeaux on 5/8/17 4:37 PM

Ask the average person about the benefits of massage therapy, and they will surely be able to list off a few of its many perks, from alleviating the aches and pains of everyday life to lowering stress. Massage has become an increasingly popular service in today’s wellness-centered climate, with more people than ever seeking it out to resolve their physical ailments or to carve out the time to unwind. Yet despite the growing interest in the world of massage, energy work—one of the practices that complements massage best—largely continues to go unrecognized by traditional therapists.

At times referred to as “energy medicine” or “spiritual healing,” energy work involves moving above and beyond the physical to understand the aspects of the human energy field. By addressing the presence of our “life force” in a way that chooses to honor and awaken it, we can create holistic balance.

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Topics: Massage Therapy, energy healing

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